Online Undergraduate Courses


Christian Ministry

CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry (3)

An introduction to the ministry of the church in all of its functions: worship, equipping, fellowship, and evangelism. The course includes a study of the structure, leadership, and objectives of the various ministries of the church, with special attention given to the role of the laity in all aspects of church ministry.

CM 103 Orientation to Distance Education (Program Students only) (1)

This course is designed to introduce students to distance education at Briercrest College and Seminary. It will help them identify and develop the necessary academic and organizational skills needed to succeed. It is also designed to lead students through a thoughtful analysis of the dynamics of a mentoring relationship, a requirement for the AACS and BACS distance education programs.

CM 204 Evangelism and Discipleship (3)

This course carefully examines wholistic evangelism based on an understanding of salvation and conversion. In addition, the course prepares students for discipling others through in-class and out-of-class opportunities.

CM 429 DE Internship (Program Students only) (3)

The DE internship is intended to help prepare students to be well-grounded in areas specific to their vocational/lay direction as it pertains to their chosen field of internship. The internship is a practical, supervised experience in the tasks, attitudes, and skills necessary for leadership and effective ministry within the context of a church or para-church organization.