Degree Recognition

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The Government of Saskatchewan has an announced a public consultation process to consider expanding degree granting status to institutions like Briercrest. This opportunity could enable a new level of public recognition of our Briercrest degrees.

Briercrest College and Seminary has sent students to some of the finest universities and seminaries in North America and beyond, often with impressive results. In recognition of such an outstanding academic record, it is both appropriate and necessary that the government is exploring the question of expanding its recognition of the degrees offered by institutions such as ours.

The prospect of expanded degree granting authority would enable a new recognition of our degrees. For over 30 years we have been active participants in the quality assurance movement through our accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the Association of Theological Schools. We hope that this government process will offer a further endorsement of our degrees as authorized and credible Bachelor of Arts degrees in the Saskatchewan and Canadian context. With this endorsement, we would anticipate better recognition of our degrees as students transfer to public universities in Canada.

The public consultation process invites individuals to participate in the review process by writing letters that address the questions being considered in this study (see These questions include:

  1. What are the standards and characteristics of a Bachelor's degree? Are Briercrest degrees sufficient to be considered a Bachelor's degree?
  2. Should new degree programs in Saskatchewan be tied to labour market demand or should they be based on an evaluation of the quality of the proposed degree?
  3. Who should be given responsibility to determine whether or not a degree is of sufficient standard?
  4. Should the right to award a degree have any funding implications?
  5. In expanding degree granting power, should there be different standards for public and private institutions?
  6. What kind of rules should apply to out of province institutions?

We would encourage submissions on behalf of Briercrest College and Seminary. The deadline for submissions is May 19, 2011. By April 29, we will post our institutional draft submission on this site for your interaction and response. Background material and a discussion paper of the consultation questions is available at: Should you choose to make a submission, in addition to sending it to:, please also send a copy to

Our mission is to offer high quality Christian higher education where students are encouraged to consider carefully what it means to be prepared for a life of service. Briercrest College and Seminary will continue to give unique attention to the importance of higher education in an environment that is Christ-centred, church focused, and service oriented. In addition to present degrees in theology, biblical studies, church ministry, business, humanities, marriage and family counselling, leadership and management, and applied linguistics, Briercrest envisions a day when students could take a broad range of baccalaureate degrees as well as professional programs that would serve the people of Saskatchewan and beyond.

Our primary hope in this review process is that Briercrest graduates will find their degrees to be given more consistent academic and employment recognition comparable to other Canadian universities.

BCS Alumni Survey 2011

 Executive Summary (more detailed reporting to follow after May 20)

Points of Information

  • 65% of the survey respondents are alumni from the past three decades
  • 72% of respondents lived in BCS dormitories
  • 43% used government student loans to help pay for their studies; 17% used bank loans
  • 80% used employment earnings, including summer jobs, to help pay for their studies
  • 44% graduated without any indebtedness
  • 37% graduated with at least $10,000 in debt
  • 53% have (at some time) worked full-time in a vocational ministry position; 56% of those served in pastoral ministry
  • 63% of respondents have often been involved in volunteer and community service activities in the past year

Points of Affirmation

  • 91% of alumni surveyed would recommend Briercrest as a place to study to children, friends, or other family
  • 89% of alumni surveyed look back on their BCS experience with pleasure
  • 89% were satisfied or greatly satisfied with the overall quality of their BCS education
  • Of the 54% of those surveyed who attended other academic institutions after BCS, 92% of them stated that their study at BCS provided a comparatively higher quality educational experience
  • Over 85% of alumni surveyed affirmed that their education at BCS added to their spiritual, character, moral and ethical development
  • 92% were satisfied with their personal safety on campus
  • 87% were satisfied with instructional facilities
  • 82% say that their BCS education and training helped them to get their current job
  • 84% are satisfied with their current job
  • 46% are currently employed in a job that is directly related to the training and education they received in their BCS program
  • 88% attend church weekly
  • 78% read Passport

Points of Invitation

  • 18.7% of surveyed alumni received improved computer literacy training while at BCS
  • 12.5% of surveyed alumni acquired additional language proficiency while at BCS
  • 47% of surveyed alumni felt that their education at BCS provided them with skills, knowledge and abilities conducive to living in an international world
  • 33% are satisfied with BCS' commitment to environmental sustainability
  • 66% are pleased with the quality of BCS education today
  • 67% encourage prospective students to attend BCS; 36% have actually referred a student
  • 70% are confident that BCS is staying faithful to its mission
  • 34% of those surveyed have donated to BCS
  • 42% have been back to campus for an event since graduation