Caronport High School Advantage

Why choose our high school?

Spiritual Formation

'Heart, soul and mind' is more than an advertising slogan for Caronport High School.  We value each student as an individual and as part of our community."Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind… Love your neighbor as yourself."
Matthew 27:37

We offer a thriving chapel program, mentorship opportunities, a chaplain that is eager to establish relationships with our students and a healthy dorm program where both dorm leaders and fellow students impact lives and help our students grow in their walk with our Lord.

Small school - big opportunities

Our high school offers the best of both worlds. With class sizes averaging 20 students, you get plenty  of one-on-one contact as well as the benefits of a school attached to a Christian college. Our new rink, double court gymnasium and a top-notch library are all available to our high school students. Our successful athletics program includes football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and more. Our fine arts program includes drama and choir and our students also get a chance to perform alongside our college students in our musical and theatre presentations.


"It's a great place. It's really going to stretch you in a way that you never would have thought." - Chris Williams



Outstanding Christian Education

In addition to our government approved high school curriculum, high school students can get a jumpstart on their post-secondary education by choosing from a list of 20 college courses. Our students benefit from learning experiences with top-notch high school and college educators.


True to both our heritage and our conviction, we point our students to the Scriptures. Not only is biblical teaching part of our classes, we also believe that discipleship is an important aspect of the growth of young Christians. Our school is full of students that want to grow in their faith. Entrance into our school is filtered to maintain a healthy environment for our students.