College Advantage

Why choose our college?

 Briercrest College and Seminary offers outstanding university-level education and calls students to a relationship with Jesus Christ while becoming leaders and disciples who serve with distinction. Briercrest graduates have gone on to apply their knowledge to their own business enterprises, have become both local and national church, government and industry leaders. One such leader is Paul Ralph, who represented some very high profile public figures in the U.S, worked as a tribunal judge in Ontario, and served as executive director for the ministries of Dr. E.V. Hill and most recently Ravi Zacharias.

"When I look across the history of my professional journey, the influence of Briercrest - professors, lifelong friendships, critical thinking skills - is clearly evident."   - Paul Ralph


Briercrest offers a truly outstanding community experience, where students come  from all across North America to combine faith and learning alongside other students with similar goals. The interaction students have with professors, their peers and the school leaders in the dorms has an outstanding impact on their lives. Long term friendships are made as students learn to live and serve together.

Outstanding Christian Education

True to both our heritage and our conviction, we point our students to the Scriptures. All degrees include a biblical core of classes. Briercrest is ideally suited to be a learning community that nurtures students of character.

Preparation to excel at all levels

Whether you are an online learner or studying at our high school, college or seminary, Briercrest strives to prepare you for what's next in life. Our students are well prepared to excel at the next level of studies, or to advance in whatever field of employment they may choose. An example is Jessie VanderHeide , who graduated from Briercrest in 2010 with her BA in humanities and while studying for her MA, she was awarded a scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-one of Canada's highest awards for graduate study.

Advanced standing

Our college grads can qualify for advanced standing in our seminary. Each Briercrest BA is worth 25 per cent of the credit hours needed for your MA (also would include MDiv). That credit is increased to up to 24 credit hours if their accredited BA was in a major comparable to their MA. That means that you can get a BA and MA in less than six years.

Student programs
Briercrest offers vibrant student life programs that run parallel to a students' degree pursuits. Drama, spiritual emphasis events, choirs, touring music teams, ministry opportunities, intramural sports, and student government are examples of student activities.