Seminary Advantage

Why choose our Seminary?

Seminary Statistic

Briercrest 's seminary is a great stepping stone to a career. In a 2012 survey, 88 per cent of our seminary graduates indicated they were serving in a position that matched their master's degree. They also know that Briercrest's support  doesn't end when they start their careers.

Brent Foster"Not only were the Seminary professors helpful and supportive while I was a resident student in Caronport but they are still helping me today. They are more than willing to serve the kingdom of God by helping me sort through the issues and provide clarity to the situation.  Their support certainly extends past the classroom." - Brent Foster

Practical education with individual attention

We offer a practical masters education. We emphasize helping you apply what you learn by striving to make each class practical, spiritual and academic. Professors also take a personal interest in your education.

"Our professors embody what makes Briercrest exceptional: personal investment in our growth in all stages of life supported by prayer and rigorous teaching, all with passion for equipping the Church."
Heather Terris

Modular style

You get the best of both worlds. Face to face education with your professors and fellow students but also a flexible schedule that allows you to work school into your family's life. One week modulars let you earn your degree without having to disrupt your employment or your household.

Advanced standing

Our college grads can qualify for advanced standing in our seminary. Each Briercrest BA is worth up to 25 per cent of the credit hours needed for your MA. It is now possible to earn both a BA and MA in under six years.

Outstanding Christian Education

True to both our heritage and our conviction, we point our students to the Scriptures. All degrees include a biblical core of classes. Briercrest is ideally suited to be a learning community that nurtures students of character.