Willem (Bill) Hekman

Posted: Feb 6, 2012
Willem (Bill) HekmanWillem Hekman with his wife Youngsook You and daughter Dahee in Caledon, Ont. at Teen Ranch

I graduated from BBI in 1957. The lessons learned at BBI prepared me for a missionary career in Indonesia where I have served for over 50 years. I served 10 years in Papua and over 40 years in Jakarta. Also I will never forget Dr. Henry Hildebrand taking the time to visit my parents at their home in Groningen, Netherlands.

God allowed me to start  the Jakarta Bible College in 1974 and with the students and graduates we started the Bible Church movement resulting in over 650 Bible churches throughout Indonesia.

I also learned at BBI that there is no retirement in the Great Commission. At 76 I still serve our Lord and Saviour in Indonesia. I coordinate 6 Bible Schools called BMW (Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center) with 355 students and 40 staff members. I am preparing to start a 7th training center at the border area of Sarawak Malaysia and West Kalimantan Indonesia for the purpose of providing training for the young people living in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The Lord willing I will visit Mongolia and Vietnam this coming  April for the purpose of starting training centers in Tsetseleg, Mongolia and in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam. Right now I am in Merritt Island, Florida for furlough. I would love to visit Briercrest before returning to the field. But Caronport is a great distance from Merritt Island! We are in need for Briercrest alumni to serve in Indonesia.

In His grace,

Willem (Bill) Hekman