Mark McLeod Harrison

Posted: Feb 8, 2012

Last past spring, Cascade Books and Wipf and Stock published  two of my new apologetics books.  The first, Apologizing for God, argues that God is in history between the radical fictions of postmodernism and the cold objectivity of modernism. The second, Being at Home in the World, co-authored with Phil Smith, argues that the world is full of mystery and invites people to engage the mystery of the world by living a Christian life.  The first one was nearly ten years in the writing, the second only a year. My wife Susan and I continue to co-parent our 5 year old Micah. My older son Ian sells commercial real estate in Portland Oregon, where he  lives with is wife of two years.   Finally, I had the please of introducing one of Henry Hildebrand's grandson when he read a philosophy paper at a conference sponsored at George Fox University where I teach. Small world--and really fun to meet Carl Hildebrand and talk with him about my memories of Dr. Hildebrand!


in Christ,

Mark McLeod-Harrison, Briercrest College class of 76
Professor of Philosophy,
George Fox University