Clarence Yau: Overseas with Toddlers

Posted by: Clarence Yau | Jan 12, 2013

In January of 2012 we received an official invitation from Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany to join their staff as the Middle School Chaplain and in June 2012 we moved out of our home and began living out of our suitcases as we made a road trip across the US and Canada to visit friends and say goodbye to our family. Black Forest Academy had a special place in our hearts because it is where my wife, Anna, and I met as we were serving as RA's 8 years ago. In August we boarded a plane with our two boys (5 and 2.5yrs) and journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean to be a part of a ministry that the Lord had placed in our lives and that I (Clarence) was passionate about. We have the chance to minister to students whose parents are serving as missionaries in other countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa where there is less than adequate schooling for their children who would like to attend Universities and Colleges in North America. The school and the staff are in a vital position to serve and enable missionaries to continue serving in excellence on their field while their children receive a well rounded education at BFA that will allow their children to continue impacting the world for Christ. The school is a boarding school meaning that there is a residence program and the staff that are involved this area are people who are dedicated to creating a home environment where the students are nurtured and cared for as they attend BFA. Students who are in the boarding program have the ability to build long lasting friendships. I have had the chance now to be on both sides, residence life and teaching, and it is such an awesome experience that I would not trade for anything else. We are always needing more staff to fill different roles (ie: RA's, Dorm Parents, Teaching Staff, Maintainence Staff, Administration staff, etc.) If this is something that you would like to inquire about or invest in you can check out the school's website at or you can check out to gain more information.