Dwayne Uglem

Director of Recruitment Seminary: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario

Email: dwayneu@briercrest.ca
Office Phone: (306) 756-3212
Cell Phone:


Bawlf, Alberta


I moved to Caronport for a year of Christian College in 1984.  That choice was a response to saying I knew I need to keep working out my faith - before I got on with my career.  College actually allowed me to explore a variety of careers and in the end, I discovered that I was wired to work with people and processes - I love to serve people. 

Janell and I were married in 1986 and today we have two married daughters, two grand-sons, and two girls in elementary school.

A love for numbers, research, and organizational culture have lead me into roles that focus on organizational learning and planning, research, and assessment strategies.

Favourite Caronport Passtime

Gardening, cooking, and mechanical work.


Sage Advice for Students Heading to Briercrest

One thing in life does actually matter more than everything else - getting to know and trust Jesus Christ.  Keep coming back to that in the myriad of choices that you will make in these college years.  Don't get too bothered about choosing the right degree or career - work out the questions and perspectives that are important in every career.