Admissions Requirements

Below you will find all of the criteria that are required for acceptance into Briercrest Seminary.

If you wish to speak with an Admissions Adviser, make an inquiry or start the application process you can contact the Admissions department at:

Tel: 1-800-667-5199 

Applicants With an Undergraduate Degree

The admission requirements for prospective students with a previously acquired undergraduate degree include:

  • Possession of an undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution with a minimum average GPA of 2.5. Undergraduate degrees acquired at an unaccredited institution will be reviewed and assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Evidence of a living and active faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Commitment to live by the  Seminary Student Life Covenant

Applicants Without an Undergraduate Degree

Applicants to Briercrest Seminary who do not possess an undergraduate degree have two options for successfully completing their application:

1.  If an applicant has 90 or more credit hours of undergraduate work completed from any number of accredited insitutions (credit hours from an unnaccredited institution will be reviewed on a case by case basis) they can apply and be admitted based on having "bachelors equivalency." This path will enable students to apply to any program they wish to pursue.

2. An applicant who does not have an undergraduate degree or enough post-secondary credit hours for Bachelor's Equivalency (see above) can go through the regular application process (click here), and apply to the Certificate of the Seminary program.  

A student can proceed to work towards a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity program offered by Briercrest Seminary after he/she successfully completes the Certificate of the Seminary (i.e. with a 2.5 GPA). A student can apply to the program of his/her choice and be granted admission as a "non-degree student."

Please note: No more than 10 per cent of the total number of students in a given program can be accepted as "non-degree student". In the event that the 10 per cent limit is met when an application is submitted, the applicant will be informed and placed on a waiting list. As soon as a spot opens up in the program the applicant will be notified and permitted to continue with his/her studies. 

If you have further questions about applying to Briercrest Seminary without an undergraduate degree, please contact the admissions office at or 1-800-667-5199.

International Applicants

Our international students must:

  • meet all the criteria for regular admission (see above).

  • deposit all the funds required for one year of study (tuition + living expenses) on the Briercrest student account (which will be created for you upon your submission of Form A).

  • meet our English Language Requirements for admission.

  • submit your official transcripts in a copy that has already been translated into English (if necessary).

  • you can receive more information by clicking our online link for International Students