Brad Harms

Team: Men's Volleyball Position: Middle Jersey Number: 3 Hometown: La Crete, AB Birthdate: 1991 Year of eligibility: 1 Program: BA Business Administration


Favorite quote?

  • Big Gulps Eh? Well, see you later!    


If you could, what would you do to help make the world better and why?

  • End World Hunger, because it breaks my heart to see kids starve and it can be fixed.


What has been your greatest moment in life so far, athletically and non-athletically?

  • Playing Hockey in Russia with YWAM.
  • Being able to bring my little brother to Christ


Who are 5 famous people that you would like to spend a day with, dead or alive?

  • Wayne Grezky, Will Smith, Brad Paisley, Jesus, the apostle Paul.


What Bible verse have you been most impacted by and why?

  • 1 Corinthians, because no matter what I am going through I know that there is hope, a way out, and that I am not the only one that is going through it


What is your career ambition?

  • Traveling Missionary


Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

  • My sister; because no matter what I am going through she always has the best Godly advice.


A few of Favorites

  • TV Show? Community
  • Ice Cream flavor? Cookie dough
  • Movie? Dark Knight Rises
  • Superhero? Batman
  • Meal? Smoked Ribs
  • Piece of clothing? Sweatpants
  • Book? Circle trilogy by Ted Dekker
  • Course at Briercrest? Spiritual Formation
  • Vacation destination? Little Shuswap
  • Scent/smell? Victory
  • Pro Sports Team? Edmonton Oilers
  • Pro Athlete? Jordan Eberle
  • Genre of music? Country
  • Song? Barefoot blue jean night, Jake Owen