Ben Banting

Team: Men's Volleyball Position: Middle Jersey Number: 13 Hometown: Caronport, SK Birthdate: 1993 Year of eligibility: 2 Program: AA Biblical Studies


Favorite quote?

  • “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”


What has been your greatest moment in life so far, athletically and non-athletically?

  • Athletically: The time when I spiked the volleyball.


Who are 5 famous people that you would like to spend a day with, dead or alive?

  • David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Mats Sundin, Charizard


Best advice you have received? Best advice you would give someone?

  • Received: Listen to your parents
  • Give: Follow Jesus Christ


What Bible verse have you been most impacted by and why?

  • Psalms 37:23,24; Because it’s true.


What is your career ambition?

  • Don’t know


Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

  • Probably Blayne Banting. Because he’s my dad and it’s kind of inevitable.


A few of Favorites:

  • Book? The Bible
  • Scent/smell? Nanna’s freshly baked buns
  • Pro Sports Team? Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Piece of clothing? Socks
  • Song? The Great Gig in the Sky