Deanna Wall

Team: Women's Volleyball Position: Middle Jersey Number: 11 Hometown: Borden, SK Birthdate: 1995 Year of eligibility: 1 Program: Undeclared


Favorite quote?

  • “Get mad, but get over it”
  • or “Go big or go home”


If you could, what would you do to help make the world better and why?

  • I'm not sure how I would do it but if people had their hearts changed and become more selfless and cared about other people and world around them would it would make the world a much better place


What has been your greatest moment in life so far, athletically and non-athletically?

  • Athletically- I would have to say that in my last club season finishing 11th at nationals was pretty great. But also leading my school team to finally make it to regional my grade 12 year.
  • Non-athletically-   Going on trips to the mountains snowboarding and stuff with friends and family. Each time I go it gets more and more amazing


Who are 5 famous people that you would like to spend a day with, dead or alive?

  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • All the guys from 'Duck Dynasty' (especially Si)
  • Betty White
  • Chuck Norris
  • Matt Damon


Best advice you have received? Best advice you would give someone?

  • “its okay to get mad, but you need to get over it just as fast”
  • “If you can't be safe be careful”                    
  • These are both the best advice I've been given which I also would pass on


What Bible verse have you been most impacted by and why?

  • Romans 8: 18 “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”     


What is your career ambition?

  • My plan is to become a physiotherapist


Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

  • I would probably have to say my father since we are so much alike 


A few of Favorites

  • TV Show? Pretty little liars
  • Ice Cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip
  • Movie? Lord of the Rings
  • Superhero? Thor
  • Meal? Steak and potatoes (only from home cuz nothing can compare)
  • Piece of clothing? Big dangling earrings or big comfy plaid farmers jacket
  • Book? Hunger Games
  • Course at Briercrest? Don’t have one yet
  • Vacation destination? Snowboarding/Skiing in the Mountains
  • Scent/smell? Tea
  • Pro Sports Team? Riders
  • Pro Athlete? Don't have one
  • Genre of music? country
  • Song? Wanted by Hunter Hayes