Publishing and Allowing Online Submission in Canvas

Briercrest Online Team
    Posted: Sep 16, 2013

Faculty training is one of our highest priorities as Briercrest implements Canvas. Because of this we will offer regular formal and informal learning opportunities for faculty.

One of the informal learning opportunities will be regular tips and tricks for using Canvas. These tips and tricks will have information on advanced features of Canvas, as well as reminders that will aid in developing courses on Canvas.

In this inaugural edition of Canvas Tips and Tricks, we want to remind you of two features of Canvas.

The first feature is fundamental, but is often forgotten: Publishing Courses. Don’t forget, if you don’t publish your course, your students will not have access to your course. That means all of your readings, assignments, etc. are unavailable to your students unless you publish your course. To learn how to publish your course click here.

The second feature is not as fundamental, but is very helpful: Allowing Online Submission. Allowing (or requiring) students to submit assignments has many advantages, one of which is that assignments are time stamped and automatically noted as being on time or late, depending on the due date for the assignment. Online submission can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose to allow students to submit assignments in a variety of formats and even restrict the type of files you are willing to accept.

We also want to let you know you of a change that will take place today in Canvas. The Course Calendar has recently been updated with a new and improved user interface, as well as new view options and other features. You can view information about the new calendar here. The Course Calendar will be updated to this new format today, so keep your eyes peeled for the new change.

We hope you are enjoying Canvas this semester. We look forward to helping you get to know the system even better.


The CDE Team