Learning and Leadership

Michael Pawelke
    Posted: May 27, 2013

I trust you had a refreshing weekend. The Marketing department has been helping me with a few different pieces. One of these is a dynamic piece that looks at what our intended “outcome” or “output” is. Yes, we are three schools, and sometimes we can become so absorbed in what we are doing that we soften our focus, or lose sight of the outcome. At the end of the day, we are all about students! We exist because of people who want to learn. However, even the focus on learning is not the entire story. We want to teach learners to come leaders.

Learning and leadership should be inseparable. In Genesis we are described God’s image-bearers, and as such we value and engage in creativity, discovery, research, and learning. But Genesis also calls us to give dominion over creation; this is the mantle of leadership on us. We have stewardship responsibilities. Jesus affirmed the same when he called us to follow him as disciples (learners), and make disciples (lead). I came to Briercrest years ago to learn and along with learning I became a leader. I found Briercrest gave me an integrated experience, and with that - confidence. Value-based education, rich campus life, informal mentoring, affirmation, and opportunities for ministry leadership all became a part of my educational experience. This is what Christian higher education did for me. This is what we want to offer to our students.

Let’s be conscious and careful to continuously remind ourselves that we are a part of a ministry and an institution that helps disciples learn and become leaders and influencers in their world for the sake of Christ. This, at its core is the essence of the Great Commission, and this is our calling. We want our High School, College, and Seminary graduates to be people of remarkable faith and godliness, who love Jesus and who have been equipped to make their mark on the world for Christ.

This gives me shivers! Have a great week touching eternity.

Partnering together,