CHS Writing Guidelines


At CHS, we use the MLA documentation method.  Please note the basic elements for your formal assignment submissions as illustrated below.

Intro (pdf)
A brief Introduction to the guidelines and details for proper writing format.

Sample (pdf)
A sample of what your first page should look like (do this instead of a title page).

Basic Documentation (pdf)
A description of how to properly use information from other sources (research). Topics include avoiding plagiarism, using information from other sources, and proper documentation (including a sample Works Cited page).

Detailed Documentation (pdf)
An extensive list of the types of resources that you may use (from interviews to websites) and how to document them correctly.

Writing Policies (pdf)
A summary of the CHS policies in dealing with late submission of assignments and dishonesty in completing written assignments.

Writing Tips (pdf)
A collection of suggestions to improve your writing and some corrections for common writing errors.