Course Planning

CHS Guide to Course Planning & Online Registration

Welcome to Caronport High School!  We're excited to have you join us for your journey through your high school education--heart, soul and mind.  We're here to help so don't hesitate to contact our office for assistance.


How do I register for classes?

1. Online: CHS students register online through Briercrest Live,  our CHS Registration Portal. Login credentials for this site are sent to families upon students' acceptance to CHS.  Please contact our office for information or assistance.

  • New out-of-province students, please consult with one of our administrators prior to selecting courses online in order to have your current transcript assessed for transfer credits.   See this file (pdf) for detailed instructions.  
  • New international students, you will be registered into courses upon arrival at CHS based on consultation with our administration and our International Program Coordinators as per the ENGLISH+ program guidelines. See this file (pdf) for detailed instructions.
  • Extra Resource: Credit Transfer Guide, Saskatchewan Secondary Education (Government of Saskatchewan)

2. Steps for Selecting Classes & Registering Online Using Briercrest Live: For specific details about how to decide which classes to take and how to register for your classes after logging in to Briercrest Live.

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When do I register for classes?

1. Before all students are granted access to online registration through our portal, both parents/guardians and students need to complete all of the necessary online forms. For links to the online forms, click on Forms for Parents (pdf)  or Forms for Students.(pdf) 

2. Early registration: May: CHS offers a staggered online registration process, prioritized for students who have been accepted by the beginning of May, starting with grade 12 students, followed consecutively by grade 11, 10 and 9 students. Please read through our CHS Course Registration Schedule (pdf) for specific dates and details.

3. Late registration: June - August: New students who are accepted after our early registration dates OR returning students who miss their early registration dates may access the online portal to select their classes until the end of August. Please read through our CHS Course Registration Schedule (pdf) for specific dates and details.

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What credits do I need to graduate from CHS?

1. CHS Graduation Requirements Policy (pdf)

2. All options?  For further information about graduation requirements and the variety of pathways to achieving a high school diploma in Saskatchewan, consult the following Government of Saskatchewan pages: 

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What credits do I need to get into post-secondary education?

1. Graduation from high school vs. acceptance into a post-secondary institution: While we routinely provide information regarding the courses students need for graduation in Saskatchewan, parents/guardians and students should research the requirements for entrance into specific post-secondary programs as these vary by institution and by year and may be above and beyond Saskatchewan's basic graduation requirements.

For more information, consult the Government of Saskatchewan page: Credits, Degrees and Transcripts.

  • Please contact our career counselor for further information and to set up an appointment; call 306-756-3303 or email

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What classes does CHS offer?

1. CHS School Year Class Schedule, 2017-2018, v1 (pdf) Please note that insufficient interest in a specific class may result in it being cancelled; in such a circumstance, all efforts would be made to facilitate satisfactory schedules for affected students.

2. Complete CHS Course Descriptions (pdf)

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What classes should I take each year?

1. Steps for selecting classes and registering online using Briercrest Live.

2. Resources needed to help you select classes:

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Which BCS (college) courses can I take during my grade 12 year?

1. Eligibility:

  • In order to take one of the BCS courses available to Gr. 12 CHS students in lieu of CE30, you need to have completed your grade 11 courses in good academic standing.  
  • In order to take one of the other BCS courses available to Gr. 12 CHS students, you need to have completed in advance of starting the college course one grade 12 English Language Arts course (ELA A30 or ELA B30) with a minimum mark of 60%.

2. Cost:

  • BCS courses eligible to be taken in lieu of CE30 are available to CHS students at 15% of the regular cost (limit 1 class per student at this subsidized price).
  • The other BCS courses that are available to CHS students are offered at 25% of the regular cost.

3. BCS Courses Available to Gr. 12 CHS Students:

4. BCS  College Course Application Form for CHS Gr. 12 Students

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What school supplies do I need?

1. CHS Student School Supplies List


Help me!

If you need any assistance, please contact our CHS office at 306-756-3303 or at  We look forward to helping you!