Tuition and Fees 2014-2015

Dorm students (Grade 9-12) Per year
Saskatchewan dorm students (includes tuition, room, and board)
Tuition $2,480
Room and board $8,540
Non-Saskatchewan dorm students (includes tuition, room, and board)
Tuition $10,378
Room and board $8,540
Other students (grades 9-12)
Prairie South School Division students $2,480
Moose Jaw students (transportation provided) $2,950

Family tuition plan

  First child Second child Third child
Saskatchewan students $2,480 $992 $744
Moose Jaw students (with bus) $2,950 $1,180 $886
Out of province $10,378 $8,820 $8,510


Application fee $50
Confirmation deposit (credited to student's account upon enrolment) $200


Inter-school (SHSAA) teams varies with sport
Student recreation fee Gr. 9-10: $45.00 / Gr. 11-12: $69.00

Driver's Education

Driver's Ed (non-SK students only) $550


Foreign Exchange market
Payment plan fee $100
Student trust service charge $4.25


Cap and gown rental N/C
Graduation banquet - extra meals market
Graduation fee (three meals included) $300


Lesson fees per semester (10 lessons)

  35 min 60 min
Student-taught $251 $418
Faculty-taught $306 $523
Group 30 min (3-5 people required) $174  



Practice Rooms

Piano, Voice, Drums (per semester) $78
Guitar, Other Instruments (per semester) $51


Parking fee N/C
Plug-in fee (per semester) $50

Student Life

Damage deposit (dorm students) $125
Mattress pad (new dorm students) $20
Dorm Laundry fee ($50 x 2 billings) $100
Student activity fee $125
Yearbook fee $40

Explanation of Fee Payment and Partial Attendance

Fees are billed in two installments. Half of the total amount is due at the beginning of the year, and the other half is due January 1. If unable to make these payments, application for a payment plan must be made in advance to the Student Financial Advisor. A finance charge of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum will apply to all past due accounts.

Students who attend CHS for part of the year will be charged the following percents of the total annual cost:

A. Leave after Term 1 50%
B. Attend Terms 1 and 2 100%
C. Attend Term 2 only 50%
D. Attend Terms 2 and 3 60%
E. Attend Term 3 only 20%

NOTE: No refund will be issued to students who leave for Term 3.

Caronport High School reserves the right to make such changes in this fee schedule as may, in the judgment of the administration, be in accordance with sound management.

Fee Adjustments

1. Students who enter late do not receive any reduction of fees for tuition, room, or board.
2. Tuition fee refunds if student withdraws:
- Within 10 school days -- full tuition refund minus deposit of $150
- Up to 30 school days -- 50% tuition refund
- After 30 school days -- no refund
3. Room and Board fee refunds: $120 for each full calendar week remaining until the end of the current term. If a student leaves in Term 1 or 2, the full amount of room and board fees that have been pre-paid for Term 3 will also be refunded.