Concert choir

Concert choirThe 45 member concert choir rehearses four times per week and sings locally in churches within Caronport and in the surrounding communities. It also joins the college choirs in performing in the annual Christmas production.

Tour Choir

All members of the concert choir are invited to be part of Tour Choir, which travels each year for a portion of the Easter break. The Tour Choir performs an inspirational concert in a number of communities across the Prairies.

Worship bands

Worship bandsOn a regular basis, chapel is dedicated to worship singing, so students have ample opportunity to participate in worship bands. Several groups are organized by the music department while others are student-organized.

Recording studio

Recording studioCaronport is home to a state-of-the-art digital recording studio that has produced albums for many students in the village of Caronport including Sweetsalt (Juno and Prairie Music Award nominees) and Downhere (winner of a Dove, Juno, Vibe, and Prairie Music awards).

The session room and isolation booth are designed for recording ensembles, bands, and soloists. These rooms are equipped with various reflective and sound-absorbing surfaces so that recording arts students can achieve the ideal sound for their projects.

The control room provides students with the opportunity to receive personal instruction/experience in tracking, mixing, and mastering their own recorded material with Pro Tools™ software.

Private lessons and practice rooms

Private lessons are available in guitar, voice, violin, piano, and several wind instruments. Also, in preparation for a lesson, performance, or for simple enjoyment, you can hone your skills in a practice room.