Residence Life

residenceApproximately 40 CHS students (grades 10 to 12) live in residence. This provides a unique opportunity for students from a variety of communities to share in the adventure of learning to follow Jesus.

Students are normally housed two to a room. Rooms are equipped with single beds, desks, dressers, and closets.

One key aspect of life in the dorms actually occurs outside of them. Students eat breakfast, lunch, and supper in the dining hall. These are great times to talk to friends, meet new people, and enjoy good food!

There is a caring and competent team of Residence Life staff in place giving care to the students and oversight to the dorm program. This team is responsible for mentoring, teaching, coaching, challenging, encouraging and disciplining students throughout the year.

Dormitory living plays a key role in social and personal development. Students learn to live in a community with different kinds of people and to value one another's uniqueness.

Here, lifelong friendships are forged and spirituality is nourished.

View the CHS Dorm Residence Code (pdf)