Spiritual Formation

CHS is situated in a Christian community that provides a positive environment and ample opportunity for spiritual growth. Students and visitors often remark that there's something unique about the atmosphere in Caronport.



A common desire exists among staff and students to integrate all of life into a chorus of worship to God.

Small groups

Students have the opportunity participate in Bible studies, prayer meetings, or accountability groups that create a rich and refreshing community atmosphere.

Student residence

Lifelong friendships are forged and spirituality is nourished within our student dorms.


Students and staff at CHS, along with Briercrest College and Seminary, form a community of disciples who seek to motivate each other to deeper levels of life in Christ.


There's something surprising about the Prairies. Enjoy God and his creation through an endless horizon, spectacular sunsets, and the northern lights.


Worship serviceAll CHS dorm students are required to attend Sunday worship services. Corporate times of worship and praise are a vital part of the Christian experience. This is where the body comes together to build itself up and seek instruction from Christ, its head.

Students have several opportunities to participate in local church youth groups. Participation is voluntary, and many students are eager to attend these weekly events.

Daily chapelChristian Ethics classes and chapel services are an integral part of a student's spiritual growth and overall experience at CHS. Worship music, testimonies, guest speakers, and drama skits are a few common elements of chapel. Chapel services are designed to be uplifting, inspiring, and fun.

Periodically, CHS students participate in "Mosaic Chapels," times when the student bodies of each of the Briercrest schools join together for instruction and worship.

Youth Quake

Every February, we heat things up on our campus as we welcome thousands of high school students and youth workers from across Canada and the U.S. for an intense weekend of worship, speakers, concerts, entertainment, competitions, training, and more.



Mission to Mexico

Mission to MexicoEvery year, about two dozen CHS students take a road trip to Mexico. They work in local villages and learn what it means to live for Jesus in the context of poverty. The trip is sponsored and run by Caronport Community Church. If you would like information about next year's Mission to Mexico, contact Pastor Rick Klippenstein at 306-756-3350 or by email.

Soul's Harbour

Soul's Harbour, which includes a clothing store, a used furniture store, and a soup kitchen, is a ministry to the poor in the city of Regina. Once a week, teams of CHS and Briercrest College students serve supper at the soup kitchen and host games after the supper hour. Team members have opportunity to connect and pray with the people who are regulars at Soul's Harbour and to communicate the love of Jesus through their actions and words.

Tour Choir

Tour Choir performs a musical/dramatic production around Easter themes every year. Participants have found this to be a significant catalyst for spiritual growth.


"The community of Caronport is one in a million. The staff at CHS, the teachers and deans, are more than just that. They take time for you. Going to CHS gave me the opportunity to make life-long friendships."
Brandy Pederson
Student, University of Regina
CHS Grad

"At CHS, I saw and learned a faith that blends with intellect, sport, and relationships-faith that lived in the world I knew. My faith 'woke up' for the first time--it became exciting. CHS gave me a framework for building a life."
Christopher Olson
Pilot/Oil Worker
CHS Grad