College Courses


Family Studies

FMST 316 Families in Crisis (3)

An examination of the structural, theoretical, and practical influences that contribute to a state of crisis within family structures in North America.

FMST 317 Sociology of the Family (3)

This course provides a theoretical and practical exploration of sociological issues relating to the North American family with some attention to non-Western issues.

Cross-listed: SOC 317 Sociology of the Family

Note: Also available through Continuing and Distance Education

FMST 453 Marriage, Singleness and Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective (3)

A seminar that explores the rich legacy of theological and moral reflection on marriage, singleness and sexuality. Students will examine influential texts from the breadth of the Christian tradition and give special consideration to how these texts might inform nuanced reflection on contemporary issues in sexual ethics.

Cross-listed: THEO 453 Marriage, Singleness and Human Sexuality in Theological Perspective

Prerequisite(s): 6 credit hours of Theology and the completion of 75 credit hours of coursework