College Courses



KIN 161 Foundations of Sport and Kinesiology (3)

A survey of the sub-disciplines of kinesiology, including anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, health and nutrition, history and philosophy of sport, sociology of sport, motor behavior, psychology of sport and exercise, and sport injuries.

KIN 234 Nutrition (3)

An introduction to nutrition and health, including the study of major nutrients and their function in the body, recommended nutrient intakes, and dietary guidelines. This course covers both how nutritional habits affect physical performance and the nutritional issues facing broader society.

KIN 261 Fundamentals of Coaching I (3)

An introduction to the principles of competitive coaching. This course is based on the introductory, multi-sport training provided in the Competition stream of the National Coaching Certification Program (Parts A and B) covering such topics as Making Ethical Decisions; Planning a Practice; Nutrition; Teaching and Learning; Designing a Basic Sport Program; and Basic Mental Skills.

KIN 262 Physical Activity and Wellness (3)

This course acquaints students with a basic knowledge, understanding, and value of physical activity as it relates to optimal healthy living. Wellness assessment and personal application are important parts of the course.

KIN 301 Safety and Risk Management (3)

This course is an introduction to the concepts of risk management for recreation activities. Predominant theories are reviewed and their application at an individual, organizational, and industry level are explored. An overview of the Canadian legal context guides the application of risk management principles. The major emphasis of this course is to approach risk management from the perspective of individual leaders in the field.

KIN 310 Recreation Leadership (3)

In this course various theories and concepts of leadership applicable to the individual, group, and the environment are studied. Case studies and projects are employed to emphasize the relationship of leadership training, experience, and skills to practical and instructional phenomena. Major topics include communication and ethics of leadership.

KIN 320 Camp Management and Leadership (3)

This course examines issues related to managing and directing summer or year-round camps.

Note: Students with KIN 220 cannot take this course for credit

KIN 340 Psychology of Sport and Exercise (3)

A study of the psychological theories and concepts influencing sport, exercise, and physical activity. Drawing upon recent research in social psychology, cognitive theory, and biopsychology, some attention will be given to more specialized topics such as motivation, goal setting, performance, anxiety, aggression, and performance intervention.

Cross-listed: PSY 340 Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Prerequisite(s): 6 credit hours of Psychology

KIN 361 Fundamentals of Coaching II (3)

This course combines Introduction to Competition Part B and Level Two sport-specific certification material from the National Coaching Certification Program. The course covers the following topics: planning, the role of the coach, growth and development, the analysis of skills, the development of skills, and mental and physical preparation. Level Two sport-specific certification advances the basic skills of the specific sport undertaken in KIN 261 Fundamentals of Coaching I. This course also continues the examination of the integration of coaching and Christianity.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 261 Fundamentals of Coaching I

KIN 364 Care/Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)

This course is designed to equip students with a basic knowledge of injury prevention, sports first aid, taping and the subsequent care of athletic and physical activity related injuries.

KIN 370 Ethics in Sport (3)

Using the foundation of biblical truth, this course discusses current ethical issues within sport and analyzes their effect on Christian sports ministry, while seeking to define a Christian ethic.

KIN 380 Motor Development (3)

This course examines human growth and movement change across the lifespan as well as the factors, opportunities, and constraints that contribute to those changes.

Note: Students with credit for KIN 280 may not take this course for credit

Prerequisite(s): KIN 161 or permission of the instructor

KIN 393 Specialized Study (3)

Offered occasionally to provide in-depth study in a topic that is not covered in regular course offerings.

Prerequisite(s): 6 credit hours of Kinesiology or permission of instructor

KIN 466 Coaching Theories and Philosophies (3)

This course takes a practical look at helping coaches integrate a Christian world view in practice and competition settings. It explores different theories on the role of the coach, coaching challenges, and ethical dilemmas posed by competitive athletics. A framework is given which enables coaches to organize any team at any level on a solid Christian foundation.

Prerequisite(s): KIN 161 Fundamentals of Coaching I