College Courses


Worship Arts

WA 411 Arranging for Worship Teams (3)

This course provides an introduction to arranging for worship teams and small vocal/instrumental ensembles. Topics include writing lead sheets, vocal harmonies and background harmonies, writing for rhythm section, horn section, and single line counter-melodies in a wide variety of contemporary styles.

Prerequisite(s): MUS 116 Musicianship II

WA 420 Worship Leadership (3)

The basic components of worship leadership are studied in this course. Emphasis is given to identifying current effective worship styles and how to provide excellent, effective leadership in these styles. The implications of change and change management in regard to worship ministry are addressed. During this course, students gain personal confidence in worship leading and gain understanding of basic principles of designing a worship service.

Prerequisite(s): THEO 301 Worship in the Christian Tradition

WA 437 Worship Arts Internship (3)

This internship is intended to help prepare students to be well-grounded in areas specific to their degree emphasis and future vocational/lay direction. This internship provides a practical, supervised experience in the tasks, attitudes, and skills of leadership and ministry as it pertains to the worship arts.

Prerequisite(s): THEO 301 Worship in the Christian Tradition