Service and Experiential Learning


Kaleo Ministry Leadership

The Service and Experiential Learning (SEL) program facilitates a practical way of linking classroom learning to real world experience in the church and community. More importantly, it is an opportunity to practice and to grow in the call to live lives of service as disciples of Jesus here and now, as students at Briercrest.


Here is a sampling of just a few:

  • Discover gifts and passions that God has given you.
  • Discover areas and tasks that interest and disinterest you (helpful for narrowing down future areas of ministry or employment).
  • Connect with people beyond the Briercrest sphere.
  • Wrestle with the application of theory (i.e. This is what we read, write, and discuss, while facing real-world challenges).
  • Develop skills such as interpersonal, hands-on, etc.
  • Grow spiritually as you learn to ask and trust God to use you in the SEL opportunity.
  • Practice obedience to serve in love and humility even when it is inconvenient, frustrating, or intimidating.

Roles and Responsibilities

The SEL office oversees the communication and administration of the SEL program. This includes communication with students and any external parties involved; the approval of SEL units; and the entering of SEL units to the student's record.

While the SEL office will provide a listing of opportunities available for SEL unit and offer any information that might be helpful in the search for SEL opportunities, it is the student's responsibility to take the initiative to connect and communicate with the church and/or organization of their choosing. It is the hope that this practice will help to develop skills and confidence in the student that will encourage and enable them to continue seeking out and pursuing opportunities to serve beyond their time at Briercrest.

It is the student's full responsibility to complete and submit the Application Form in order to receive the SEL units required for graduation.

Contact Info

To access the Application Form for SEL units and for more information about possible ministry opportunities and answers to FAQs, please visit our Current Students webpage.