International Students

The goal of this page is to provide international students with the information they need as they come to Briercrest College and Seminary to further their education. For help with questions pertaining to the information posted or to find other information, please contact the International Student Adviser.

Services and Supports for International Students


Dorms (mandatory for unmarried students under the age of 23)

Community Living

Health Supports

Process to receive Health benefits (scroll down and click on title 'Health Care' to expand)

Doctor's Office in Caronport

Moose Jaw Hospital and Medical Clinics

Mental Health Supports

Health and Counseling Services at Briercrest

Academic and Life Skills Counseling

The Student Success Centre 

Faculty Advisers 

Community Connections

Moose Jaw Regional Newcomer Gateway

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Links to immigration information (scroll down and click on title 'Immigration' to expand)

Harassment, Discrimination Prevention and Conflict Resolution Services

Anti-Harassment Policy

Student Advocates

Contact the Board of Representatives who represents and speaks on behalf of the student body

Grievances, Complaints, and Special Considerations in the Policy Reference Guide (scroll down under Student Codes)

Role of the Board of Representatives (page 3)

Policies and Processes for International Students

Application Process

Information for applying to Briercrest College and Seminary (click on title 'Application' to expand)

Tuition and Fees 

Tuition Policy for International Students

Tuition and Fees

Refunds - Tuition, Dorm Fees, and Meal Plan

Foreign Credential Recognition

Submission and assessment requirement for post-secondary transcripts (click on title 'Application Steps' to expand)

Foreign Credential Verification Policy  (scroll down and click on title 'Adendum 3: New Academic Policies') 

Language Proficiency Requirements

English Language Requirement (click on title 'English Language Requirement' to expand)

Factors that Constitute a Student's Good Standing

Academic Integrity and Honesty (page 23)

Appeal Process/Policy (page 24)

Attendance Policy (page 17)

Financial Good Standing

Grading Policy (page 18)

Graduation Requirements (page 16)

Student Dismissal - Academic (page 23)

Student Dismissal - Student Development Process (scroll down and click on 'Policy Reference Guide', page 6)

Internal Dispute Resolution

Remedial Work Policy (page 19)

Academic Review and Appeal Process (page 24) 

Student Withdrawal

Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning

Adding and Dropping Courses (page 20)

Withdrawal and Discontinuation Policy (scroll down and click on title 'Adendum 3: New Academic Policies')

The Process of Transfering to Another School

Scholarship and Award Application

Scholarship and Award Information

International Student Program Designation Revocation Process

Revocation Process