Christianity and Culture

Bachelor of Arts

This multi-disciplinary liberal arts degree is designed for students who desire a deeper knowledge of the role of the church and Christianity in society, both in its historic and contemporary contexts.


The BA Christianity and Culture is a multi-disciplinary liberal arts degree that serves two primary constituencies: first, it is designed for students who desire a deeper knowledge of the role of the church and Christianity in society, both in its historic and contemporary contexts. Unlike some movements within the contemporary academy, we are convinced that the study of the church and Christianity and its relation to wider culture expressions is both fruitful and necessary to a mature understanding of modern society. To this end, the Church and Culture program is dedicated to nurturing thoughtful life-learners who want to make the church in its various historical and contemporary embodiments a special focus of their studies. Second, this degree functions as a vehicle for seminary or ministry preparation for those individuals who are seeking a traditional liberal arts approach to ministry or pastoral vocation. While the BA Christianity and Culture is intended to stand on its own as a baccalaureate degree, we suggest that it may become the first stage in an educational journey that leads to seminary study at Briercrest or beyond.

Graduation Requirements

Like most Briercrest programs, the BA hristianity and Culture requires a minimum of 39 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 126 credit hour degree. Because there is overlap with core requirements, students in this program will have a considerable amount of free elective room. For students considering further study, we strongly recommend that they take at least two years of biblical languages.

Students will complete the four-year BA degree Core Curriculum, as well as 6 semesters of Service and Experiential Learning. As part of their graduation requirements, all four-year BA students will also complete the Senior Portfolio (PRT 400).

New students:  apply to the college now  and our admissions advisors will work closely with you throughout the rest of the process.

Current students: contact Academic Services to change programs and/or to be connected with a faculty adviser.

Degree Requirements

(126 credit hours: minimum 39 at 300+ level)

BA Core Curriculum

(66 credit hours)

Biblical Studies

(18 credit hours: minimum 9 at 300+ level)

(6 credit hours):

Course Credit Hours
BLST 103 Gospels 3
BLST 111 Old Testament Literature 3

(12 credit hours):

Any Biblical Studies courses 12


(12 credit hours: minimum 6 at 300+ level)

(9 credit hours):

THEO 112 Spiritual Formation 3
THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology 3
THEO 337 The Church and the Kingdom 3

(3 credit hours):

Any 300+ Theology course 3

BLST, THEO or RLST Elective:

(3 credit hours)

  • Elective may be chosen from any Biblical Studies, Theology, or Religious Studies courses

Church and Culture Requirements

(33 credit hours: minimum 18 credit hours at 300+ level)

(12 credit hours):

HIS 237 History of Christianity I 3
HIS 238 History of Christianity II 3
IDST 200 Interdisciplinary Studies: Modernity and Postmodernity 3
IDST 400 Advanced Studies in Christian World Views 3

Christianity in its Western Context 
(6 credit hours)

Any two of the following:

CM 401 The Church and its Mission 3
HIS 431 History of Christianity in Canada 3
HIS 432 History of Christianity the USA 3
HIS 441 Christianity and Science from Copernicus to Creation Science 3
HIS 455 Philosophy of Religion 3

Christianity in its Global Context 
(6 credit hours)

Any two of the following:

CM 405 Current Issues in Mission 3
HIS 339 World Christianity from the Colonial Period to the Present 3
HIS 451 History of Christian-Muslim Relations 3
HIS 455 Philosophy of Religion 3
RLST 311 World Religions 3
THEO 370 Theology of Mission 3

(9 credit hours):

  • Electives may be chosen from the 'Christianity in its Western Context' and 'Christianity in its Global Context' sections or from the following courses.
ENG 393 Specialized Study 3
ENG 409 Studies in Literature & Religion 3
HIS 351 Islamic History and Society in the Classical Era 3
HIS 352 Islamic History and Society in the Medieval and Modern Eras 3
HIS 393 Specialized Study 3
PAST 437 Pastoral Theology I 3
PAST 466 Soul Care 3
PHI 393 Specialized Study 3
PSY 450 Psychology of Religion 3
SOC 260 Contemporary Religious Movements 3
THEO 301 Theology of Christian Worship 3

Cognate Requirements

(6 credit hours)

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy I 3
PHI 101 Introduction to Philosophy II 3


(21-42 credit hours)

Free Electives 21-42


PRT 400 Senior Portfolio non-credit
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning non-credit


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