Intercultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts

Develop a strong biblical theology of mission for practical engagement in a world that needs to know Jesus Christ. Learn skills for understanding both the uniqueness of the world's different cultures and the increasing interconnectedness of these different social contexts through processes often referred to as globalization.

What is Intercultural Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts Intercultural Studies is built on a solid foundation of courses in Biblical Studies and Theology and designed to challenge students to develop a strong biblical theology of mission. We seek to develop skills for understanding both the uniqueness of the world's different cultures and the increasing interconnectedness of these different social contexts through processes often referred to as globalization. The program builds toward a cross-cultural internship or similar experience, which is seen as the keystone of the student's learning. 

Who should take Intercultural Studies?

Are you …

  • curious about other cultures?
  • eager to acquire the skills that would enable you to work with people who are different from yourself?
  • frustrated with the communication barriers between you and people who speak a different language?
  • concerned about the injustice of the fact (for example) that close to a billion people in our world survive on less than one dollar a day, or that many have no access to the very basics of human well-being?
  • tired of the North American "box" and eager to see what else is out there?
  • burdened to share the riches of the love of Christ with people who do not know him?

If these are some of your passions, then our Intercultural Studies program may be just what you're looking for.

Why Intercultural Studies at Briercrest?

Our programs and courses are designed to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, help you develop deep cultural awareness and sensitivity, and prepare you for cross-cultural ministry. You'll also find a community of learning that is centered on faith and the authority of God's Word.

God has commissioned us to the world and its peoples with the good news of His kingdom and His reconciling love. This message is the heartbeat of Briercrest.

From its beginnings in 1935, Briercrest College and Seminary has been committed to equipping God's people for service. More than 20,000 Briercrest alumniare serving in more than 80 countries around the world.


Like most Briercrest programs, the BA Intercultural Studies requires 39 credit hours of 300+ course work within the context of a 126 credit hour degree. It requires 42 credit hours of Interculturall Studies requirements (including at least 24 credit hours at the 300+ level), 6 credit hours of cognate modern language requirements, and a significant cross-cultural component.

Students will complete the four-year BA degree Core Curriculum, as well as 6 semesters of Service and Experiential Learning. As part of their graduation requirements, all four-year BA students will also complete the Senior Portfolio (PRT 400).

New students:  apply to the college now  and our admissions advisors will work closely with you throughout the rest of the process.

Current students: contact Academic Services to change programs and/or to be connected with a faculty adviser.

Degree Requirements

(126 credit hours: minimum 39 at 300+ level)

BA Core Curriculum

(66 credit hours)

Required Courses

(15 credit hours)

Course Credit Hours
ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology 3
CM 105 Perspectives in Mission 3
GLST 200 Intercultural Communication 3
GLST 301 Globalization 3
HIS 339 World Christianity from the Colonial Period to the Present 3


(27 credit hours: minimum 18 at 300+ level)

ANTH 310 Ethnography 3
CM 401 The Church and its Mission 3
CM 405 Current Issues in Mission 3
ECON 101 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 315 Development Economics 3
ENG 322 World Literatures in English 3
LING 105 Introduction to TESOL 3
GLST 412/413 Global Studies Internship 3 or 6
GLST 418 Global Studies Seminar 3
HIS 351 Islamic History and Society in the Classical Era 3
HIS 352 Islamic History and Society in the Medieval and Modern Eras 3
HIS 361 History of the Modern Middle East 3
HIS 362 History of Modern South Asia 3
HIS/NTST 430 Native-Newcomer Relations in Canada 3
HIS 451 History of Christian-Muslim Relations 3
LING 105 Introduction to TESOL 3
LING 300 Language Analysis and Acquisition 3
NTST 110 Introduction to Native Studies 3
RLST 311 World Religions 3
SOC 320 Socioology Practicum 3
SOC 396 Urban Sociology 3
THEO 370 Theology of Mission 3

Cognate Requirements

(6 credit hours)

6 credit hours of any modern language 6

Cross-Cultural Experience

  • A significant cross-cultural experience is a requirement for this program. This requirement can be satisfied in one of several ways:
Internship - Students take GLST 412 (3 credit hours) or GLST 413 (6) 3-6
Study abroad program  
Other experience as approved by the program coordinators  

Free Electives

(12-27 credit hours)

PRT 400 Senior Portfolio non-credit
SL 1-6 Service and Experiential Learning non-credit

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Blayne Banting, DMin, PhD
Instructor in Christian Ministry and Pastoral Studies
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