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The BA in Music is designed for those who are naturally gifted in the arts (music, drama, etc.) and who desire to develop these gifts while broadening their education with courses in Bible and theology, Christian ministry, and arts and science.

DSC_0160_313x208.jpgThe AA in Music is designed for those who are naturally gifted in the arts and who wish to develop their gifts while studying from a broad selection of courses in Bible and theology, Christian ministry, and arts and science. In their first semester, students are expected to be involved in a large ensemble, write the theory placement test, and enrol in private lessons. Upon placement, students who need additional background in theory are required to take MUS 110 Introduction to Musicianship as one of their music electives.

Music teams

Students can participate in a variety of school music groups that perform on campus, in area churches, and on tours across the country. These groups provide students with the opportunity to refine their musical and performance skills, develop life-long friendships, and minister through music.

Small Ensembles


Worship Teams
Students may have the opportunity to be involved in other faculty-led or student-led small vocal and/or instrumental groups (worship teams or performance teams) as singers, players, or technicians for credit. These groups are formed at the discretion of the Department of Performing and Worship Arts. Students may receive one credit per semester upon completion of the ensemble requirements. We expect students to commit to this ensemble for both semesters.

Large Ensembles


College Singers
A multi-voice choir that participates regularly in, choral concerts, college musicals, and local church worship services. College Singers collaborates with the orchestra and other choral ensembles. This group offers training, experience, and ministry opportunities within the context of a caring musical community. A two-semester commitment to this group is expected.

Resonant is a mixed ensemble of 12 singers specializing in unaccompanied choral literature rich in poetic content and stylistic nuance. Selections in their repertoire reflect the church's musical heritage from antiquity to present. Under the direction of Scott M. Finch, Resonant is Briercrest College and Seminary's première touring choir.\

A 20-piece group (open to college, high school students, and community members) that joins with our choirs to participate in local church worship services, choral/instrumental concerts, and college musicals. This group offers training, experience, and ministry opportunities within an instrumental musical setting. A two-semester commitment to this group is expected.

Graduation Requirements

  • the completion of 63 credit hours of study
  • the completion of the AA core requirements
  • two semesters of Service Learning
  • the completion of 24 credit hours of Humanities requirements
  • completion of 24 credit hours of music requirements


Program Requirements (63 credit hours)

AA Core Curriculum (30 credit hours)

Discipline Required Courses (24 credit hours):

MUS 115 Musicianship I or MUS 116 Musicianship II
Private Music Lessons (2 credit hours)
Ensemble (4 credit hours)

15 credit hours of Music and music-related electives selected from:
Private Lessons (2 credit hours maximum)
Ensembles (2 credit hours)
MUS 130 Basic Voice (2 credit hours)
MUS 140 Basic Piano (2 credit hours)
MUS 160 Live Sound and Production
MUS 116 Musicianship II
MUS 206 Musicianship III
MUS 203 Recording Arts I
FIN/MUS 216 History of Western Music I
FIN/MUS 217 History of Western Music II
MUS 260 Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 301 Contemporary Musicianship
MUS 303 Recording Arts II
MUS 310 Songwriting
FIN/MUS 316 History of Western Music III
MUS 323 Conducting I
MUS 324 Conducting II
MUS 330 Vocal Master Class I
MUS/THEA 340 Musical Theatre Workshop
MUS 350 Keyboard Improvisation
MUS 362 Advanced Electronic Music
MUS 401 Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 402 Piano Pedagogy
MUS 403 Instrumental Pedagogy
MUS 410 Vocal and Instrumental Arranging
MUS 424 Conducting III
MUS 430 Vocal Master Class II
WA 411 Arranging for Worship Teams

Free Electives (9-12 credit hours, depending on Core/Discipline course selection)

Non-Credit Requirement

SL 1-2 Service and Experiential Learning

Jeremy Thiessen, BA
Drummer in the band downhere, Nashville, TN

What my ministry position involves:

As a band, we live in Nashville, Tenn. From there we travel all around the world full-time playing at various concerts, festivals, retreats, conferences, showcases, churches, and events. We play original music, lead worship, or do a combination of the two, and we also get to hang out people before and after the concert.

How Briercrest prepared me for this ministry:

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would be living in Nashville playing in a rock band! During my time at Briercrest, I was given opportunities to discover, develop, and exercise the gifts the Lord has given me. I also had the opportunity to spend time digging into my relationship with Jesus Christ and seeking out what He had in store for me. What I discovered-and what I am currently doing-was totally unexpected, logically unsound, and pretty much crazy; and yet during my time with downhere I have been able to share the Kingdom of God with far more people than I ever would have had I taken the path I had chosen for myself.

Why study at Briercrest?

For me, Briercrest was the best possible choice because there was such a wide variety of opportunities to participate in and discover my passion. The Worship Arts program and staff have played a major role in my life.

If music is what you're interested in studying and you want to spend some time digging into the Word too, I can't think of a better place to be than Briercrest. If you are simply looking for a safe place to learn more about the Lord, to discover who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are, and to experience many different things in order to discover your passion, then Briercrest is a great place to be!

Bill Bradley, BA Music and Worship
Pastor of Worship Arts, Memorial Bible Church, Yakima, Wash.

What my ministry position involves:

My responsibilities include directing multiple bands/vocalists for Sunday morning services; being the technical director for audio and visual teams for the lyrics, text, and in-house video clips we create each week; directing the drama team (we have one live performance each month); and coordinating all of our "first touch" teams (ushers, greeters, coffee bar).

How Briercrest prepared me for this ministry:

I am so thankful that God led me to Briercrest. The teachers I learned under gave me most of the tools that I am using to recruit, train, and lead all of the teams here in worship arts. I can't imagine trying to do this ministry without the skills I developed at Briercrest.

Why should students study at Briercrest?

Because of the people! During my first year on staff at Memorial, one of my instructors from Briercrest answered a lot of late-night emails and gave me great "real world" counsel as I was learning the ropes in a new ministry.

Joel Dixon, BA Business Administration
Concert Booking Agent, Paquin Entertainment, Winnipeg, Man.

How I use my degree from Briercrest today:

At Paquin Entertainment, I work with Christian and mainstream artists alike. We represent such Christian artists as Fresh I.E., Six Days, Greg Sczebel, Jon Buller, and the Harlem Gospel Choir. I also manage the rock band The Atticsand we have a roster of over 80 other artists. I have many roles at Paquin Entertainment that range from touring, managing, marketing, artist development, public relations, and more.

Benefits I've experienced from studying at Briercrest:

I leaned a lot at Briercrest, but it wasn't so much what I learned as how I learned. The professors at Briercrest made me think for myself and that helped to ground me in my faith-it has taken me a long way. I appreciate my time at Briercrest and feel that it has given me the tools I've needed to achieve my goals. I now work in the music business and love it! Briercrest was a crucial part of my life and an experience I would not trade for anything.

Niki Neufeld, AA Music
Receptionist/Piano Teacher, Maple Ridge, B.C.

How I use my degree from Briercrest today:

I graduated with an Associate of Arts in Music and am active in worship teams in my church, playing piano and singing, and as worship and arts intern last summer. I have also conducted choirs in two Christmas productions.

Benefits I've experienced from studying at Briercrest:

Briercrest offers lots of practical experience in choir and conducting, but the biggest benefit is being spiritually grounded and knowing what to build my life on.

How Briercrest prepared me in regards to the arts and music:

The music theory classes I took at Briercrest have helped in my own piano studies, as well as in teaching aural training to my own students. Conducting classes have helped me prepare for directing my own choirs.

Ron de Jager, DMA
Associate Professor of Music and Voice
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Keith Molberg, MMus
Instructor in Worship Arts
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