Ancient and Biblical Languages


The Minor in Ancient and Biblical Languages requires 18 credit hours of course work including the following:

At least 6 credit hours at the 300+ level

Required Courses:
At least 6 credit hours in two (2) ancient languages: Aramaic, Greek or Hebrew

Available Courses:
ARA 110 Biblical and Extra-biblical Aramaic
GRK 200 Introductory Greek I
GRK 201 Introductory Greek II
GRK 300 Greek Syntax
GRK 301 Greek Exegesis I
GRK 400 Greek Exegesis II
GRK 401 Advanced Greek Exegesis
HEB 200 Introductory Hebrew I
HEB 201 Introductory Hebrew II
HEB 300 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I
HEB 400 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II