Communication Disorders

Partnership Degrees

Two schools. Two degrees. Five years. Study at Briercrest for 3 years and at Minot State University for 2 years to earn a Bachelor of Arts Psychology from Briercrest and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders from Minot State University.

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The BA Psychology/Bachelor of Science (Communication Disorders) is a 150 credit hour degree program in which students spend 3 years (96 credit hours) studying at Briercrest and 2 years (54 credit hours) at Minot State University.
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Toward the completion of the student's third year of full-time study at Briercrest, the student must apply for admission to the College of Education and Health Sciences at Minot State University.

Students will complete a modified version of the Core Curriculum, as well as 4 semesters of Service and Experiential Learning. As part of their graduation requirements, all BA students will also complete the Senior Portfolio (PRT 400).

New students - apply to the college now and our admissions advisors will work closely with you throughout the rest of the process.

Current students - talk to Academic Services to change programs and/or to be connected with a faculty adviser.

BCS Degree Requirements

(96 credit hours)

Modified BA Core Curriculum 

(51 credit hours)

Required Courses

(33 credit hours)

Select 11 courses from the list below:

Course Credit Hours
PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology I 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology II 3
PSY 280 Human Development: A Lifespan Perspective 3
PSY 301 Research Methods in the Social Sciences 3
PSY 320 Social Psychology 3
PSY 322 Exceptional Children 3
PSY 336 Positive Psychology 3
PSY 350 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY 351 Psychology of Counselling 3
PSY 379 Psychology of Personal and Interpersonal Dynamics 3
PSY 381 Psychology of Human Development: Children 3
PSY 382 Psychology of Human Development: Adolescents 3
PSY 383 Psychology of Human Development: Adults 3
PSY 415 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 430 Human Sexuality 3
PSY 471 Educational Psychology 3
Additional required and elective course to fulfill BA Psychology requirements *  

Cognate Requirement

(3 credit hours)

BIOL 115 Human Structure and Function 3

General Education and Support Courses

(18 credit hours)

Choose six courses from the list below:
These courses help fulfill the MSU General Education Inventory. Any courses not taken at Briercrest must be taken at MSU.

ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology 3
COMM 104 Public Speaking 3
EDUC 300 Foundations of Education 3
One of:
HIS 100 Issues in World History I
HIS 101 Issues in World History II
HIS 210 American History to 1865
HIS 211 American History since 1865
KIN 262 Physical Activity and Wellness 3
MATH 101 Introduction to Finite Mathematics 3
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology I 3
PRT 400 Senior Portfolio non-credit
SL 1-4 Service and Experiential Learning non-credit

MSU Degree Requirements

(54 credit hours): 

Note: Application to the College of Education and Health Sciences will take place in the student's final semester at BCS

Required Core Courses:

(41 credit hours)

CD 310 Intro Communication Disorders 3
CD 320 Intro to Phonetics 3
CD 321 Language Development 3
CD 322 Artic-Phonological Disorders 3
CD 324 Techniques in Communication Disorders 3
CD 331 Language Disabilities in Children 3
CD 341 Speech and Hearing Science 2
CD 342 Intro to Audiology 4
CD 420 Advanced Comminication Disorders 3
CD 411 Clinical Practicum 2
CD 411 Clinical Practicum 2
CD 412 Neurology for Communication Disorders 2
CD 413 Anatomy and Phys for Communication Disorders 3
CD 427 Aural Rehabilitation 3
CD 430 Public School Methods in SLP 2

Required Support Courses:

(minimum of 13 credit hours)

ED 250 Foundations in Education 2
ED 260 Educational Psychology 2
ED 380 Technology in Teaching 2
PSY 241 Introduction to Stats 4
SPED 110 Intro to Exceptional Children 3
SPED 113 (3 c.h.)
SPED 117 (2 c.h.)
SPED 410 Introduction to Learning Disabilities 3
SS 283 Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in America 3
Physical Science elective 4

The above may need to be supplemented with additional courses to make up for any deficiencies in the General Education Inventory

* Students must complete 39 credit hours of psychology coursework for the BA Psychology degree, including at least 21 c.h. at the 300-400 levels. At least 21 c.h. must be completed at Briercrest; up to 18 c.h. of psychology taken at MSU may be applied to the BA Psychology from Briercrest.

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