IMPRINT Certificate

IMPRINT provides a unique opportunity to listen to God's voice and discover His call on your life. The classes, field trips, and camp experience will challenge you and give you opportunities to discover and explore a variety of your gifts. You will be able to connect with key leaders and thinkers in a variety of disciplines who will help you to be formed spiritually and intellectually for a life of service. IMPRINT reflects the commitment and focus of both Muskoka Woods Resort and Briercrest College and Seminary in identifying and developing young leaders.

During their experience, students will engage in a combination of modular and semester based courses.  These will be taught by a combination of BCS faculty as well as on-site program leadership.  Specialized local and visiting faculty will also support several areas of the academic experience.  A program director and supporting team oversee and guide the students' overall learning experience.

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Graduates of the IMPRINT program will be able to…

  • Articulate a rudimentary understanding of the role of the arts in Christian faith.
  • Demonstrate foundational skills in a breadth of artistic disciplines.
  • Outline an understanding of basic Christian theology and practice.


Program Requirements

(27 credit hours)

Course Credit Hours
ADM 200 Organizational Behaviour 3
BLST 103 Gospels 3
BLST 111 Old Testament Literature 3
ENG 100 Literature and Composition I 3
FIN 110 Introduction to Fine Arts 3
HIS 238 History of Christianity II 3
IDST 200 Interdisciplinary Studies: Modernity and Postmodernity 3
THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology 3
THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology 3

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