Service and Experiential Learning

**Complete and submit the Application Form for SEL Units in order to have them applied to your program requirements.**

PurposeKaleo Ministry Leadership

The Service and Experiential Learning (SEL) program facilitates a practical way of linking classroom learning to real world experience in the church and community. More importantly, it is an opportunity to practice and to grow in the call to live lives of service as disciples of Jesus here and now, as students at Briercrest.


Here is a sampling of just a few:

  • Discover gifts and passions that God has given you.
  • Discover areas and tasks that interest and disinterest you (helpful for narrowing down future areas of ministry or employment).
  • Connect with people beyond the Briercrest sphere.
  • Wrestle with the application of theory (i.e. This is what we read, write, and discuss, while facing real-world challenges).
  • Develop skills such as interpersonal, hands-on, etc.
  • Grow spiritually as you learn to ask and trust God to use you in the SEL opportunity.
  • Practice obedience to serve in love and humility even when it is inconvenient, frustrating, or intimidating.

Roles and Responsibilities

The SEL office oversees the communication and administration of the SEL program. This includes communication with students and any external parties involved; the approval of SEL units; and the entering of SEL units to the student's record.

While the SEL office will provide a listing of opportunities available for SEL unit and offer any information that might be helpful in the search for SEL opportunities, it is the student's responsibility to take the initiative to connect and communicate with the church and/or organization of their choosing. It is the hope that this practice will help to develop skills and confidence in the student that will encourage and enable them to continue seeking out and pursuing opportunities to serve beyond their time at Briercrest.

It is the student's full responsibility to complete and submit the Application Form in order to receive the SEL units required for graduation.

Contact Info

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is SEL graded? Does it affect my GPA? And is there a fee?

SEL is not graded and does not affect a student's GPA. Instead a "pass" is applied for every completed and approved application and the SEL unit(s) is recorded on the student's transcript as a non-academic credit. Also, since SEL is a non-academic credit, there are no fees charged by Briercrest.

Q: What are the SEL requirements for graduation?

1 yr. Certificate N/A
2 yr. AA programs 2 SL units
3 yr. BCS/MSU Ed programs 2 SL units + SLE (pre-internship)
4 yr. BA Business program 4 SL units
All other 4 yr. BA programs 6 SL units (at least 2 SL units related to a local church)

Q: What if I am a transfer student?

Transfer student requirements will be assessed as part of their Transfer Analysis and will be added to their program sheet. 

Q: What counts? (How are SEL units counted?)

SEL units can be granted to a variety of ministry opportunities, so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Each SEL unit is based on attendance.One attendance per week per semester, or the equivalent (e.g.8-10 attendances) counts for one SEL unit.
  • Each "attendance" should be a minimum of one hour per week. This can include prep time (e.g. half hour Sunday School class plus prep time).
  • Full-time ministry (e.g. camp ministry) will be granted 1 attendance per day. Hence, two weeks of full-time ministry will be granted 1 SEL unit.
  • A maximum of 2 SEL units can be granted per semester, including summer semesters.

Q: Why can I only receive 2 SEL units per semester?

The hope is for Briercrest students to develop the practice of being engaged in the church and community on a continual basis while in attendance at Briercrest, rather than simply "getting it over with" in as short a time as possible.

Q: What if my SEL involvement does not happen every week?

If you are serving regularly for an equivalent of 8-10 attendances in one school year, 1 SEL unit may be granted.

Q: I worked at camp this summer, can that count for my Service Learning unit?


  • If you worked at camp in the summer after starting classes at Briercrest (i.e. camp involvement before your freshman year will not count)
  • Every two weeks of camp can count for one SL unit.
  • Only a maximum of 2 SL units can be awarded per summer.

Q: What are Briercrest or other on-campus opportunities that count towards SEL?

The following have been approved to receive SEL unit:

  • TESOL summer teaching opportunities, Resonant, RU
  • Residence Assistant, Hall Chaplains, weekly Bible study leaders
  • Worship Team
  • YQ Leadership Team (but not Here4U)
  • Student Government teams
  • Writing Centre tutor
  • Tech Crew
  • CHS mentorship and CHS choir assistance

Q: What are off-campus opportunities?

Check with your local church, visit the SEL website, and/or view the announcements on the SEL board.

Q: What sort of transportation is available for off-campus opportunities?

Due to limited school vehicles, transportation is largely dependent on students using their own personal vehicles. (Students who use their own vehicle can apply for fuel reimbursement, which is $10 for travel within a 25 km radius from Caronport.) Some ministry opportunities (e.g. Joe's Place) have arranged car pool options, which they usually communicate.

Q: What if I have other questions?

Well, then…

  • Double check to see if the answers are available on this FAQ list or on the SEL website.
  • If you still cannot find an answer to your question, contact the  SEL office
    • Via email:
    • Or pay a visit to the SEL office located in the Student Success Centre.

List of Local Churches



  • Caron Community Church (306-313-9512) | Meets on Sunday 11:00 AM | Sunday School 9:50 AM | Youth Sponsor: Ken Moser (756-3304)


  • Coteau Hills Bible Church (Daman St) | Meets on Sunday 11:00 AM | Adult Sunday School 10:00 AM

Moose Jaw

  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • First Free Methodist Church
  • Hillcrest Apostolic Church
  • Moose Jaw Alliance Church
  • Moose Jaw Church of God
  • New Life Center
  • Sunningdale Community Church
  • The Salvation Army Church

View the full Church Directory for Moose Jaw.

List of On-Campus Community Opportunities

Briercrest College

  • Tech Crew
  • Writing Centre
  • CHS mentorship, CHS choir assistance
  • Refined/Undignified
  • Resonant
  • Residence Assistant, Hall Chaplains, weekly Bible study leaders
  • Worship Team
  • YQ Leadership Team (but not Here4U)
  • Other student leadership (e.g. captain of Athletics team)
  • Student Government teams
  • TESOL summer teaching opportunities
  • Summer sports camp 
  • And other opportunities

Caronport Community


  • Baby-sitting for children of Briercrest Faculty/Staff
  • Volleyball/Basketball Coaching at Caronport Elementary School


List of Off-Campus Community Opportunities

Moose Jaw


  • Joe's Place Youth Centre


  • Chateau St. Michael's
  • Chez Nous
  • Providence Place

Street Ministry

  • Riverside Mission
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