About Engage

Briercrest College & Seminary (BCS) is committed to the support of research and conversation that will strengthen the Church's ability to better participate in God's mission to the world.

Engage is a project initiated by Briercrest arising out of 2012 Hemorrhaging Faithstudy (see http://tgcfcanada.org/hemorrhagingfaith/). As a three-year project, Engage is seeking both to assess the study's conclusions and to work out the practical ministry implications.

The first phase of this conversation took place on the Briercrest campus on March 13-14, 2013, during which invited senior and junior leaders from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, together with staff, faculty and students from Briercrest,  participated in a think-tank on intergenerational health of the prairie churches, particularly in regard to youth and young adult engagement in the church.

The second phase of the Engage think-tank is scheduled to take place March 14-15, 2014.

The Faith Today issue (May/June) has an article on the Hemorrhaging Faith study and some good coverage about Briercrest's Engage 2013 think-tank. The article can be viewed online