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Refined/Undignified is a hip-hop dance team that has chosen to use this art form to change the lives of young people. Understanding that there are many issues the average teenager faces in their home life and at school, issues such as, drugs, divorce, abuse, sex, depression, suicide, cutting, eating disorders, and loneliness. Refined/Undignified uses hip-hop dance as a positive influence on young peoples lives, telling stories of hope and encouragement as this next generation finds it's place in the world. We want to be as open and honest as we tell this next generation that they have the ability to change the world with their every decision. Refined/Undignified has set out to empower this next generation of leaders and give them the strength to fight another day.

"Secrets" is the fourth full length show that R/U has put together over the years and is definitely the most powerful one yet! Because R/U is taking their transparency and vulnerability to the next level in creating this show that reveals their own past struggles, their audiences will be quickly drawn into their fears, their emotions and learn about how our loving and faithful God has redeemed them. The power within this show is the fact that we are battling the age old lie that 'we are alone', this is simply not TRUTH. We have a reason to celebrate, because our God has SAVED US, and these secrets, need to be shared so others can know that they also are NOT ALONE!


WANT MORE follows four characters and their quest to "find more" while wading through the familiar struggles of relationships and the pursuit of perfection. Each character eventually realized in his or her own way that life without Christ is not life at all. This is show has been performed by over 4 teams of refined/undignified. It is a simple presentation of the Gospel, but still a very powerful and effective representation of God's love for us no matter what we have gone through, these 4 characters realize He is pursuing them and refusing to let them go.