Truitt Wiensz, PhD

Truitt Wiensz
Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Arts and Science


BE, Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan, 2001
MSc, University of Saskatchewan, 2005
PhD, University of Saskatchewan, 2012


Satellite remote sensing; radiative transfer; light scattering by small particles; Christianity and science


Truitt was born in Swift Current, SK, and grew up in various locations around Saskatchewan. He is excited to be back in familiar territory after two years of post-doctoral work in the Netherlands.

Truitt studied engineering physics at the University of Saskatchewan, where he initially balanced his studies with college football. Between his degrees he worked in several engineering industries. His research for his PhD involved modeling the interaction of sunlight with cirrus cloud particles, as applied to measurements made with the Canadian OSIRIS instrument on the Swedish satellite, Odin. During the course his PhD studies, Truitt became very interested in Biblical studies and theology and their relevance to the integration of science and Christian faith. He maintains a strong interest in these fields together with his research specialization in engineering physics.

Outside of the classroom Truitt enjoys spending time reading and exploring the outdoors together with his wife Sabina and their two young children, Ezra and Alethia.


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