Rhoda Cairns, PhD

Rhoda Cairns
Assistant Professor of English Literature Faculty of Arts and Science


BA (Honours), University of Regina/Campion College, 1981
Graduate studies, University of Regina, 1981-83
Graduate studies, Regent College, 1993-94
MA, Xavier University, 1997
PhD, Miami University (Ohio), 2008


English Literature (Early modern British literature, Early modern women writers, English civil war literature, Transatlanticism, Women and religion, Rhetorical studies, First-year writing, Writing Across the Curriculum).


Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Rhoda attended college in Regina. Later, her husband’s work took them to Vancouver, and then to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she completed her graduate degrees.

While she has always had a scholarly bent, her desire to teach comes mostly from key professors who modeled excellent classroom teaching and took time to mentor her as an individual. She believes that studying literary texts can transform our view of ourselves, our faith, and the world around us; the unique opportunity she has both to challenge students and to develop relationships with them makes teaching exciting for her.

Outside the academic setting, one of her main interests is music. She’s studied piano, enjoyed playing on music teams in churches she’s attended, and loves listening to multiple varieties of music.

Her husband, also a Saskatchewanian, is a finance professional, and they have two Canadian-born children who are currently living in the U.S.


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  • Review of Karen Raber. Dramatic Difference: Gender, Class, and Genre in the Early Modern Closet Drama. Newark: U of Delaware P, 2001. Women’s Studies 33 (June 2004): 551-553.
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American Society for the History of Rhetoric

Conference on Christianity and Literature

Conference on College Composition and Communication

National Council of Teachers of English