College and Seminary Honours 2014


Delta Epsilon Chi
The three Greek words, approved in Christ, (dokimos en Xhristos) found in Romans 16:10, begin with the three Greek letters, Delta Epsilon Chi. Thus as reflected in the name, selection for the Delta Epsilon Chi honor society is intended to encourage and recognize excellence in intellectual achievement, Christian character, and leadership ability - a life approved in Christ.

Carla Heinrichs-Bachelor of Arts Applied Linguistics: TESOL (After Degree)-GPA 4.00
Mitchell Ferreira-Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies-GPA 3.99
Heidi Pinno-Bachelor of Arts Applied Linguistics: TESOL-GPA 3.98
Eunice Chow-Bachelor of Arts Global Studies-GPA 3.97
Regis Neilson-Bachelor of Arts Humanities-GPA 3.97



Academic Achievement Awards are presented to the graduating student with the highest cumulative grade point average (3.3 or higher)in each Bachelor of Arts degree program at Briercrest College & Seminary.

Carla Heinrichs-Bachelor of Arts Applied Linguistics: TESOL (After Degree)-GPA 4.00
Mitchell Ferreira-Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies-GPA 3.99
Brooke Peterson-Bachelor of Arts Business Administration-GPA 3.64
Aaron Naismith-Bachelor of Arts Christian Ministry-GPA 3.30
Benjamin Emery-Bachelor of Arts Christian Studies-GPA 3.78
Heather Vis-Bachelor of Arts Christianity and Culture-GPA 3.61
Eunice Chow-Bachelor of Arts Global Studies-GPA 3.97
Regis Neilson-Bachelor of Arts Humanities-GPA 3.97
Madison Wagner-Powers-Bachelor of Arts Music-GPA 3.58



Carla Heinrichs-Bachelor of Arts Applied Linguistics: TESOL (After Degree)
GPA 4.00-Valedictorian
Carla came to Briercrest for the TESOL program with hopes to take Bible and theology classes "on the side." While many of Carla's classes at Briercrest have influenced her, the most meaningful class was Modernity and Postmodernity with Sean Davidson. David Catterick and Brad Baurain both had major influence in shaping her to become a conscientious and godly English language teacher.
Outside of the classroom, being supported and cared for by both an Evangelical Missionary church at home in Calgary and an Anglican church here in Moose Jaw has been a grounding point for Carla. She reflects, "It helps me remember that everything is not all about me, but that God has much bigger plans and I can be a part of them."

Mitchell Ferreira-Bachelor of Arts Biblical Studies
GPA 3.99-Valedictorian
After high school Mitchell knew he wanted to attend a Christian college. When the youth pastor at his home church suggested Briercrest, he never looked back. Since Mitchell's first year, he has served on the YQ Design Crew, as an RA in the dorm, and this past year had the opportunity to serve as the student body president for the college.
The most influential person in Mitchell's life over the course of his time at Briercrest would be Dan Gabor. His care, advice and example have profoundly shaped Mitchell and have greatly contributed to his education at Briercrest.
Mitchell reflects, "My time at Briercrest has been a profound time in my life, in which I have been taught about and modelled a life lived in submission to God's kingdom. Most significantly, I have learned, primarily through experience, what it looks like to love and work with members of Christ's body who think differently than I do."



Graduate Excellence Award in Pastoral Ministry
Awarded to a graduating Seminary student in the MDiv program who exhibits exemplary character and competence in the disciplines of pastoral ministry.

Robert Pond-Master of Divinity-GPA 3.76

Graduate Excellence Award in Leadership and Management
Awarded to a graduating Seminary student who exhibits exemplary character and competence in the discipline of leadership.

Amanda Chalmers-Master of Arts in Leadership and Management-GPA 3.75

Graduate Excellence Award in Marriage and Family Counselling
Awarded to a graduating Seminary student who exhibits exemplary character and competence in the discipline of counselling.

David Wicks-Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counselling-GPA 3.83



Amanda MacInnis-Hackney- Master of Arts (Theological Studies)
GPA 3.92-Valedictorian
After having served as an associate pastor, it was time for a change. Being able to go to seminary was an opportunity to rest and to recharge Amanda's theological batteries.
Pauline Epistles with Susan Wendel was a highlight for Amanda; Susan encouraged academic rigour and demonstrated sensitivity to the moving of the Holy Spirit by regularly guiding the class to prayer through the day in response to what they were learning.
Outside the classroom, Amanda's co-curricular involvements have been chasing her four year old and two year old through the halls of Briercrest, while pushing a stroller with a ten month old.
Amanda is grateful for the influence and steadfast friendship of fellow seminarians Sherilyn, Ellen, and Kelsey. Her family has been privileged to attend and participate in the community at St. Aidan Anglican Church in Moose Jaw.

Bonnie Tuinhof-Mundy-Master of Arts in Leadership and Management
GPA 3.92-Valedictorian
Bonnie knew God had gifted her as a leader. She came to Briercrest to expand her understanding and skills so that she could grow as a leader and better integrate her service path with her God-given desires and gifts.
Dr. Paul Magnus was the most significant influence throughout Bonnie's time at Briercrest. Bonnie reflects, "Dr. Magnus lives what he teaches and has been a tremendous example of authentic, godly leadership in every aspect of his life.  As a teacher, mentor, encourager, and friend he has challenged and stretched me to be and give my best."
At her home church in Ontario, the small group that Bonnie has been involved in for the past four years has enriched her life in so many ways-caring for one another, laughing together, studying God's word, and praying together has deepened her faith. Bonnie says, "My life is richer because of these friendships."



Loren Hagerty
Loren Hagerty grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island. Shy and imaginative, he made a habit of stepping out of his comfort zone when leadership opportunities arose. He was active in student government throughout his schooling. As a young teen, he started and led a youth group at his church. He fumbled through his first attempts at public speaking and organizing activities, refusing to let his fears stop him.
Loren enrolled as a freshman at Briercrest College in 1994. He came with a sense of urgency to prepare for what God had in store for him-but with little idea what that was.
Loren became a staff member at Briercrest after his third year of college, serving as an enrolment coordinator, director of marketing, associate VP of Strategic Development, and VP of Advancement-and as a board member at Joe's Place youth centre. During this time he completed a BA degree at Briercrest College and an MBA at Leicester University (UK).
In 2006, Loren returned to Vancouver Island to take on the role of executive director of SALTS Sail and Life Training Society (, a youth ministry aboard two heritage tall ships, based in Victoria, BC. He believes there was no better preparation to provide administrative and spiritual leadership to a tall ship ministry on the high seas than his time in land-locked Caronport.
In 2008, Loren was recognized as one of 35 outstanding Canadian Christian leaders under the age of 35. Loren is married to April (an architectural technologist), and they have a son (Jayden, 9) and two daughters (Kyla, 8 and Alyssa, 5).







David Wells

David received the degree Doctor of Divinity (DD), honoris causa, in recognition of his faithful dedication to the Church.

Dave Wells has served as general superintendent of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) since May 2008 after serving as the district superintendent of the BC/Yukon District. In Canada, the PAOC has over 1,100 affiliated churches and 3,500 credentialed ministers with a constituency of close to 250,000 people. Internationally, the PAOC has over 300 global workers serving in over 50 nations.
He serves on the Executives of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, the World Assemblies of God Fellowship and the Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches of North America. He served on the board for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada from 1999-2013 and served as chair from 2007-2013.
He has an MA in Christian Ministry from Briercrest Seminary. In May, 2013 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by McMaster Divinity College.
He served as senior associate pastor at Broadway Church, Vancouver, from 1994 to 1999 and previously pastored in Hamilton, ON, Calgary, AB, and Red Deer, AB.
Dave and his wife Susan live in Burlington, ON, and have 3 children Shannon (Eric), Jonathan (Melissa), and Jordan (Justine) and five grandchildren (one of whom is in heaven).



Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck received the degree Doctor of Humane Letters (LHD), honoris causa, in recognition of her effective and strategic engagement in the world with the Gospel.

Lorna Dueck is the executive producer of Context TV, seen Sunday mornings on Global and Vision TV, and a variety of specialty channels. She is a Commentary Writer on Faith and Public Life for The Globe and Mail, and a frequent media commentator.

She is studying a Masters in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College, and holds a BRE from Tyndale. She can be found blogging at

Lorna says, "I was home one day during the maternity years of my life when (our children) were just a newborn and toddler. I started being a news consumer and I realized there was nothing of God in the news and I just had this prayer-Lord, let me impact the media for you."

She lives with her husband Vern in Burlington Ontario, where they raised their two children. Vern and Lorna attend Burlington Alliance Church.