Core Values

We know you have options as you reach your educational goals. Thank you for considering studying at Briercrest. We want you to know that distance education at Briercrest is based on a set of core values. These values reflect our desire to offer you the best learning experience possible.  If you have any questions about these values, please let us know. We're happy to help as you make your decision about where to study.


We value the relentless pursuit of best practice. We are committed to offering students excellent learning opportunities. We are committed to offering faculty excellent training opportunities and the resources to succeed in their online teaching.


We value flexibility and accessibility for students and courses will be designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students. We will also design courses so that students are able to access their course materials on a variety of platforms, including printed material, personal computers, and mobile devices. We are committed to utilizing technology that is intuitive and easily available to students.

We value flexibility and accessibility for faculty in course design. We are committed to assist faculty in designing courses that allow faculty freedom to deliver material and to interact with students in creative ways.


We value pastoral care in our interaction with students. We are committed to facilitating an environment of care for our students that nurtures both their intellectual and spiritual formation.

We value pastoral care for faculty. We are committed to working with faculty members to create creative and effective courses. We are committed to training faculty to use technology and committed to walking beside faculty as they lead classes.


We value simplicity in all we do. We are committed to removing barriers to education by designing courses that are intuitive and accessible to students. We are committed to communicating clearly with faculty as we walk with them during the online teaching experience.


We value innovation in the manner in which we deliver courses. We want to be on the cutting edge, but only when it improves user experience, not just for the sake of being on the cutting edge.


We value collaboration between all parties involved with distance education. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to collaborate with one another and with their professor. We are committed to collaborating with faculty members to create course content and to deliver the course. We are committed to collaborating with BCS as we seek to aid in the fulfillment of the educational mission.