Bible Exploration Series

We have noticed in recent years that not every student who wishes to engage in lifelong learning is interested in taking college classes for credit. Many people want to learn, grow, and be better equipped for ministry in a variety of settings without the added cost of for-credit classes. By seeking to serve individuals who are active in their local churches and who desire to learn, Briercrest can be of service to the church.

The Bible Exploration Series is designed to serve

  • off-campus students who want to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the Bible to increase their effectiveness in ministry
  • students who do not require academic credit
  • students who want to engage in a solid learning experience with college-level expectations and feedback from an instructor

Series Course Requirements

Course requirements include three Bible/Theology courses and two open electives. Pre-requisites will apply.

Note: Upon successful completion of the five courses, the student receives a "Certificate of Completion - Bible Exploration Series."


The cost of the Bible Exploration courses is 50 per cent off the college tuition rate for the first four courses. The fifth course is free.

Other Details

  • Prospective students should contact the CDE office at to register for a course.
  • Students will follow the course syllabus as outlined and will be expected to submit college-level work.
  • Courses will show on the student's college transcript as an audit.
  • Students will have a maximum of five years to complete this certificate from the time they begin their first Bible Exploration course.
  • Students can upgrade to full credit courses if they have successfully completed the course work (and obtained a passing grade) and pay 50 per cent of the current college tuition rate at the time of the upgrade. If all five courses are upgraded, the fifth course is upgraded for free.
  • Courses that are upgraded to full credit courses will be applied to programs of study as per program requirements.
  • Courses would need to be converted to credit within one year of completion of the certificate.
  • Briercrest College and Seminary reserves the right to alter the list of courses available as part of this certificate. Students may not register for CM 429 Internship as this course is exclusive to the BA Christian Studies program.