Bible Certificate (CDE)

This program is for those who want an overview of biblical and theological perspectives and want to study within the structure of a program with minimal program requirements.

Students working toward a Bible Certificate must complete their studies within a set time limit, and may go on to earn an Associate of Arts Christian Studies (AACS) college degree.

Program Requirements (30 credit hours)


Required Courses (12 credit hours):

BLST 103 Gospels
BLST 111 Old Testament Literature
THEO 112 Introduction to Spiritual Theology
THEO 115 Introduction to Christian Theology

Discipline Required and Elective Courses (12 credit hours):

One course from the following:
     CM 101 Foundations of Church Ministry
     HIS 237 History of Christianity I
     HIS 238 History of Christianity II
     THEO 370 Theology of Mission
Old Testament elective
New Testament elective
Theology elective

Free Electives (6 credit hours)