Tips For Success

How to get the most from your distance education:

1. Set target dates for completing each of the units of the course. This gives you a measurable goal and a level of accountability. Then work towards submitting your first required assignments by your target date.
2. Create weekly plans for completing your work load, adjusting the plan daily.
3. Verbalization is a key element of learning. Talk about what you are studying with friends, mentors, and family.
4. Designate a study area and ensure that it has the resources, space, comfort, and freedom from distraction that you need.
5. Contact your instructor, even before your first submission, to seek his or her thoughts about the direction of your thinking.
6. Submit assignments by units rather than as one entire submission at the end of the course. This allows you to receive valuable feedback about your thoughts and research in the process of completing a course.

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