Seminary Courses



GRK 600 Introductory Greek I (3)

This course gives an introduction to the grammatical elements of Koine (New Testament) Greek using brief passages from throughout the New Testament as a basis for developing proficiency in translation.

Note: Also available through Continuing and Distance Education

GRK 601 Introductory Greek II (3)

This course provides a continued study of New Testament Greek grammar with further reading of selected portions of the Greek New Testament.

Note: Also available through Continuing and Distance Education

Prerequisite(s): GRK 600 Introductory Greek I

GRK 700 Greek Syntax (3)

This brief review of Greek grammar, vocabulary, and intensive study of syntax emphasizes the value of Greek for biblical exegesis. Reading selected New Testament passages demonstrates techniques of grammatical and syntactical analysis.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 600 Introductory Greek I and GRK 601 Introductory Greek II

GRK 701 Greek Exegesis I (3)

This course is an introduction to exegetical methodology, textual criticism, and semantics, with continued emphasis on the reading and careful examination of selected New Testament passages. The integration of Greek exegesis and sermon preparation is explored.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 700 Greek Syntax

GRK 800 Greek Exegesis II (3)

This course offers further development and application of the exegetical methodology set forth in GRK 701 Greek Exegesis I, with greater attention given to exegetical problem solving. A New Testament book is studied in detail.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 701 Greek Exegesis I

GRK 801 Advanced Greek Exegesis (3)

This course involves continued development of exegetical skills through the careful analysis of the Greek text of one of the more challenging New Testament books.

Prerequisite(s): GRK 800 Greek Exegesis II