Seminary Courses



HEB 600 Introductory Hebrew I (3)

This course is designed to introduce beginning students to the basics of biblical Hebrew so as to provide a clear basis for further study of the language and the texts written in it. Through a variety of approaches, students are familiarized with the basic building blocks of the language.

Note: Also available through Continuing and Distance Education.

HEB 601 Introductory Hebrew II (3)

This course builds on the introductory offering by deepening students’ knowledge of the language and developing their ability to identify weak verbs and rare and difficult constructions in biblical Hebrew. Toward the end of the course, students are introduced to the reading of selected portions of the Hebrew Bible.

Note: Also available through Continuing and Distance Education.

Prerequisite(s): HEB 600 Introductory Hebrew I

HEB 700 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I (3)

This course is designed to introduce students of biblical Hebrew to both the challenges and rewards of reading the Biblia Hebraica, offering students an opportunity to both review introductory grammatical concepts and deepen their understanding of the morphological and syntactic issues that arise in our reading of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. As we work inductively through prose texts drawn from the historiographical and legal traditions, it is hoped that students not only emerge with a deeper understanding of the text and language, but also with a sense of the importance and relevance of biblical Hebrew for contemporary reading of Old Testament texts.

Prerequisite(s): HEB 601 Introductory Hebrew II

HEB 739 Biblical and Extrabiblical Aramaic (3)

This course will give students basic skills in translating biblical and extrabiblical Aramaic. Students will gain a basic grasp of Aramaic vocabulary, morphology, and grammar. Practice will also be given in translating pre- and post-biblical Aramaic texts. This will only be offered as an independent study.

Prerequisite(s): HEB 601 Introductory Hebrew II

HEB 800 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis II (3)

This course is designed to provide intermediate students of biblical Hebrew with a fuller understanding of the textual fabric and linguistic landscape of the Biblia Hebraica. The inductive reading of texts drawn from the Hebrew Bible’s prophetic, poetic, and wisdom traditions offers students an opportunity to expand and develop their range of exegetical skills by deepening their existing knowledge of biblical Hebrew syntax, structure, and style. This course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the text, a greater appreciation of the breadth and diversity of biblical Hebrew, and a constructive idea of the relationship between exegesis and exposition.

Prerequisite(s): HEB 700 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis I