Seminary Courses


Christian Ministry

CM 600 Spiritual Formation for Ministry (3)

This course explores the central place of growing intimacy with Christ as the basis for effective life and ministry. Designed to be experienced early in the programs of all students preparing for vocational ministry, it provides a pathway toward spiritual refreshment, deeper commitment, and disciplined living. The course is a blend of classroom and practical experiences in the spiritual disciplines, culminating in a 24-hour personal spiritual retreat.

CM 601 Philosophy and Foundation for Ministry (3)

This course assists students in responding, according to sound scriptural principles, to a rapidly changing culture and often confounding church scene. Attention is given to the biblical foundations of ministry, the development of mission, vision, and cultural responsiveness, the identification of calling, and the formation of core values. Students are guided through the process of developing a well-articulated philosophy of ministry.

CM 615 Child, Church, and Mission (3)

This course provides an overview of holistic child development, the Biblical foundations for children’s ministries, the work of child development, the roles and responsibilities of the church in caring for needy chil¬dren, and the place of children’s ministries as strategies and resources for mission. This course develops awareness of contemporary church and mission issues and strate¬gies in order to understand how ministries to children fit into this broader picture, and helps the students grasp the global and eternal significance of their ministries.

CM 621 Theology of Mission and Evangelism (3)

This course offers students the opportunity of exploring some recent thinking about both the centrality and the nature of mission in the teaching of the Scriptures, and to reflect on the relevance of a biblically faithful theology of mission for the church’s obedience to Christ in our contemporary world.

CM 632 Homiletics (3)

This practical course explores a theology of preaching, as well as the preparation and delivery of biblical sermons from the epistles and poetic texts. Students are guided through the foundational disciplines of choosing, exegeting, and preaching a biblical passage.

CM 701 Pastoral Theology and Practice (3)

This course explores the many dimensions of pastoral ministry from a biblical standpoint, with the goal of equipping students to function effectively as pastoral leaders within the contemporary culture. This course covers issues such as planning, scheduling, dealing with the expectations of others, administering the sacraments, performing weddings and funerals, functioning effectively with church staff (paid and volunteer), handling conflict and criticism, avoiding burnout, and other day-to-day aspects of the ministry.

CM 704 Small Group Ministry (3)

This course examines the theory and practice of Christian community through small group ministries. Major types of small groups and church programming models are highlighted. Special attention is given to local church administrative requirements, leadership training, implementation difficulties and issues, and oversight requirements which enable such ministries to be fruitful over the long-term.

CM 714 Multigenerational Ministry in the 21st Century (3)

This course is an exploration of current sociological perspectives and the rapidly changing cultural views of North American family dynamics. The course places the family of today in its historical perspective and explores the variety of forms contemporary families have taken. Practical elements such as family communication, conflict resolution, spiritual growth, etc., are covered, with particular emphasis placed on the ministry implications of the changes being observed.

CM 814 Ministry Issues in Contemporary Culture (3)

This course will appraise significant theological, missiological and methodological trends and shifts in evangelical ministry in North America. An examination and evaluation of current literature and models of evangelical church and parachurch ministry will also be included. Specific topics and methods of instruction will vary by the instructor’s background and ministry expertise.

CM 819 Christian Ministry Specialty (3)

This course focuses on a particular emphasis of Christian ministry. The focus of this course varies from year to year.

CM 835 Advanced Preaching (3)

Students in this course investigate recent sermon development models in order to add variety and creativity to their biblical preaching ministries. Students are able to develop and practice a basic philosophy of creativity, especially in relation to preaching.

Prerequisite(s): CM 632 Homiletics