Martin Culy, PhD

Martin Culy
Adjunct Professor of New Testament and Greek Faculty of Arts and Science


BA, California State University, 1987
MA, University of North Dakota, 1989
M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary, 1997
PhD, Baylor University, 2002


Marty’s 20 years of involvement in Bible translation ministry have allowed him to live out his love for other languages and cultures. He has been married to his wife, Jo-Anna , since 1985, and they have three children.

Marty serves as the editor of the Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament series. He has written two volumes himself, Acts (with Mikeal C. Parsons) and I, II, II John, and is currently collaborating with Mike Parsons and Josh Stigall (a former Briercrest student) on Luke. He continues to be regularly involved in a variety of overseas ministries as well as preaching frequently in his local church.


  • “Do Psalmists who Curse Belong in the Church? Understanding and Embracing the Imprecatory Psalms.” Canadian Evangelical Review 32-33 (Fall 2006/Spring 2007): 35-60.
  • “Would Jesus Exaggerate? Rethinking Matthew 26:38//Mark 14:34.” The Bible Translator 57 (2006): 105-109.
  • I, II, III John: A Handbook on the Greek Text. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2004.
  • With Mikeal C. Parsons. Acts: A Handbook on the Greek Text. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2003.


Society of Biblical Literature

Evangelical Theological Society

Canadian Evangelical Theological Association