David Miller, PhD

David Miller
Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism Faculty of Arts and Science


PhD, Religious Studies, McMaster University 2004BA,
MA, New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 1998
Bible Interpretation, Briercrest College 1995


New Testament (Gospels, Acts, Romans)
History (Early Judaism [500 BC – 200 AD])


David completed a PhD in Religious Studies at McMaster University in 2004, the same year he began teaching at Briercrest College and Seminary. As a scholar and a teacher, David's basic priorities are studying the New Testament in its first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts and learning with students what it means to hear and respond to the Bible's address to Christians today.

Growing up in Kenya as a child of missionary parents gave David a love for international travel. He and Tenyia were married on a semester break during a year of study in Israel, and in 2007 they spent a vacation visiting archaeological sites in Turkey. David returned to Israel in 2009 as one of the leaders of Briercrest College and Seminary's first Israel Study Tour; in 2013 he organized and co-hosted Briercrest's first Study Tour of Turkey and Greece.

In his free time, David enjoys hiking, spending time with his family, and reading outside under the amazing Saskatchewan sky.


Recent areas of research include Luke-Acts, Paul's letter to the Romans, prophecy in the New Testament and early Judaism, and Jewish identity (more specifically, the meaning of the Greek word normally translated 'Jew' or 'Judaean'). In addition to scholarly journal articles, aspects of my research appear from time to time on my blog: http://gervatoshav.blogspot.com/.


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Society of Biblical Literature
Canadian Society of Biblical Studies