Paul Magnus, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Leadership and ManagementPresident Emeritus


Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts


Diploma, Briercrest Bible College, 1966
BA, University of Saskatchewan, 1969
MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1976
BRE, Briercrest Bible College, 1983
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1985

Areas of Specialization

Leadership and Management (Leadership and management, Governance, Team building and facilitation, Conflict management, Problem solving, Strategic thinking and planning, Living and communication)


Paul has been engaged in leadership roles and leadership instruction within and beyond the Christian higher education community for over four decades. Much of that time was spent at Briercrest College and Seminary, and after his time here, he served in two churches and later as the R.J. Bernardo Family Chair of Leadership at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto. He has also served the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada in various volunteer roles for over 25 years, most recently as the chairman of their board.

He continues to be passionate about leadership, communication, and executive and ministry coaching that equips, empowers, and enables the next generation's leaders for the church and the marketplace.

Research Interests

I specialize in leadership and read a minimum of one book on leadership each week. I love to distill emerging themes from the literature. I am always in search of what is emerging, why it should be taken seriously, how to help motivate people to be motivated to apply the concepts/processes, equip people to be able to use the concepts/processes to deliver improved results in thinking, living, leading and in having impact of significance. The exponential rate of increase in the quantity and quality of leadership resources necessitates thoughtful advice and coaching on what to read, how to read it and especially how to use the resources with maximum positive results.

Notable Publications

Articles and Monographs:

  • Numerous articles on institutional, faculty and personal development
  • Monograph on Academic Deanship
  • Editing of curriculum for church and public education
  • Preparation of curriculum for 18 college correspondence courses
  • Significant institutional and educational documents
  • Final chapter in History of The Canadian Bible College Movement, 2005

Memberships and Affiliations

Member, several terms as Board Chair
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Vision 2000

Christian Higher Education Canada

PJ Magnus Coaching and Consulting Ltd.


  • Helped shape and launch Briercrest College and Seminary's seminary and bring it to full accreditation
  • Shaped Tyndale Seminary's first doctoral program, brought it to full accreditation
  • Selected for the 2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century in honour of outstanding contribution to leadership and education, July, 1999
  • Elected to the International Who's Who of Professionals, July, 2000
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medal 2012