Benefits & Atmosphere

Seminary Chapel-98.jpgSeminary Chapel

Every Thursday at 11:15 a.m. during most of the year, seminary staff and students gather with their families to experience God in community and celebrate His work in our lives. We worship together through song, reflect on God's Word, share testimonies, and share a soup and bun lunch together afterward.

We invite everyone to contribute $1 toward the cost of lunch each week.

The seminary chapel purpose statement:

"In seminary chapel, students, faculty and their families set aside time, space, and themselves to worship the triune God. Our gathering reflects the diversity of our educational community as we worship in ways that creatively value both our differences and our unity as followers of Jesus. As God reveals Himself, we often lament, find healing, and respond with thanksgiving and celebration."

Seminary Chapel-29.jpg
Seminary chapel is led by a team of students, faculty, and staff. Students who show interest in chapel and demonstrate leadership abilities are invited to join this team, which meets weekly and helps address issues of seminary community spiritual formation.

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Briercrest College and Seminary has developed a reflective atmosphere that provides students and faculty with an ideal setting for study and interaction with God's Word. The following areas all contribute to this environment.Seminary Chapel-2.jpg


Briercrest College and Seminary is a community of rigorous learning that calls students to seek the kingdom of God, to be shaped profoundly by the Scriptures, and to be formed spiritually and intellectually for lives of service.

Student commitment

Students of the seminary are committed to spiritual growth, theological reflection, and ministerial preparation. This is exhibited through devotion to their studies and vibrant discourse with faculty and other students (both in and out of the classroom).in class.jpg

Faculty interaction

A benefit of studying at Briercrest College and Seminary is the close interaction available with faculty members. These experienced and well-credentialed instructors share a desire to encourage and facilitate students' spiritual and academic growth.


Briercrest College and Seminary offers comfortable facilities that were built in 1998 to facilitate classroom instruction, personal study, and worship and devotion to God.