YQ Party with Purpose


For over 50 years, Briercrest College and Seminary has been home to largest annual youth retreat in Saskatchewan-Youth Quake. Originally called "Midwest Youth Retreat" when it began in 1963, Youth Quake has brought the Gospel to thousands of young people throughout the years. The first retreat in 1963 saw 500 visitors on Briercrest campus, and by 1985, Youth Quake was host to over 1,570 youth. Guests at Youth Quake have included the moon-walking astronaut Col. James Irwin, Duffy Robbins, and bands like POD, Mutemath, and Family Force Five.

Faith/Mission Statement

We call Youth Quake a Party with Purpose, which means that we welcome teenagers with a party that they'll never forget. It also means that throughout the retreat, we challenge them to become dedicated, authentic followers of Jesus Christ and give them opportunities to explore what it means to join our learning community.

Locations and accommodations

Youth Quake is an all-inclusive weekend. Your registration includes meals, concerts, accommodations, and all events-everything  except  transportation to Youth Quake. You'll be eating at Briercrest College and Seminary's cafeteria and sleeping in the college's dorms.

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